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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BLUE, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. BLUE

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    :confused: Hey guys ,I am brand new in the lawn cutting business and have sent out a fancy brochure with my company name attached from LESCO but as of yet not too many customers .In fact just some price shoppers, Question is do fliers work better in newspaper insertion or something else? Any ideas. I live in a area were every body has a landscaper, I cannot seem to grab them. I put a lot of money in my truck paint and logo, Maybe too fancy scares people off? Any help would be welcome. Thanks
  2. Ajays

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    Hey, there is no need to do an expensive mailing. Most people throw away mail they don't recognize the name on anyway, too lazy to even open it most of the time. For me, flyers on the mailbox have worked really well. People have to take it off their mailbox eventually and curiosity will cause them to look at it. The big thing is timing with flyers. You have to pass them out in neighborhoods where lawn care is in demand and at a time when other lawn companys are screwing up ex. like when it rains a lot. That is when lawn companys get backed up and if they don't have a good relationship with their customers, the customers will often look for someone else. Just remember that the % is still low and don't expect to get more than 5 clients per 1000 flyers. 5 clients is actually a good amount per 1000 flyers. Also advertise all the things you do so that something is likely to catch their eye. People like having one company to take care of all their maintenance.
  3. gusbuster

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    I do encourage you to continue with your flyers, however, just don't expect a lot of business from it.

    Have you tried your local church bulliten??

    I tell you the free way of getting busines, and yah,sometimes you pay for it, it's called referals from existing customers. How you get those referals, doing awsome work at a fair price.

    You said you're new. Like every new kid on the block, you have to pay your dues.

  4. Cooper Landscaping

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    by "on the mailbox" what exactly do you mean? dont mean to sound ignorant, im just curious
  5. 65hoss

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    Mailbox is illegal! If they push the issue its a big fat fine.

    As said before, you must pay your dues. But, get your flyers on people's doors. You may not get many calls this time of year, but some people will keep them and call at a later date. I had a lady call a few weeks ago that said he got one of my flyers. Really? I haven't put out cutting flyers in sometime. Got her to describe it, it was from Y2K. She said she put it back in case she needed it.

    Do extra good work when you get business and let people see your quality.
  6. deason

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    Try putting them in local bank cash withdrawl or "annie" machine stations. Most of them have a bulletin board and you can easily hang a flier on them. I have picked up several that way.

    Your best advertisement is your finished product. Do a professional job along with reasonable but profitable pricing and your business will benifit.
  7. ProMo

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    i did the mailbox thing when i started out 10 years ago got 1 customer that was outside and a call from the postmaster telling me i had to go remove fliers from mailboxes
  8. MOW ED

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    I have had success with putting flyers in the newspaper box that is ON the post that holds the mailbox. The newspaper company has no clout compared to the Federal Government.

    You should go to the county clerks office and find houses that recently sold. It is usually public record. Then you have hot contacts that may be looking for help right now. I have a friend in appraisels and he gives me a list of recently sold houses. It was worth GOLD.
    Good Luck
  9. SprinklerGuy

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    While you are at it, you may as well make sure you create an awesome flyer too. Don't use the ones from distributers, that is what everyone else does.

    Design a nice one or have one designed and print it on a nice color printer. We use a laser printer from xerox.. Good luck

    see it here

  10. Ajays

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    I have used flyers to get established in neighborhoods and subdivisions and I have passed out 1000's. I've always put them behind the flag on the box and have never had a problem or complaint from any individual or any post office or anything. Also everytime I pass out flyers, there is almost always already flyers in the same spot on the mailbox I put mine so I guess it depends on the area for the legality of the matter. I personally have never had a problem in 3 years and 25,000 flyers. I also average about 10 calls per 1000 and 3-5 clients per 1000. It establishes a good base for a subdivision and once people see you do a good job and always show up you usually end up with most of the neighbors. Unfortunately, a lot of the clients are usually putting their homes on the market but it gets you into the neighborhood. Good luck with your advertising.

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