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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Jun 25, 2014.

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    I've initiated this topic here before. Just like to see other's thoughts about this.

    I'll start off with that I understand many people like to have a paper trail of conversations. I totally understand that. But then again - the contract should supersede all verbal, written, and digital conversations.

    I am seeing an increase in people e-mailing me their questions prior to signing my contract. This is counterproductive for me as I then must respond, proof read, make corrrections, proof read, etc.

    About 3 years ago a man sent me a page of questions. I spent about 3-4 hours responding, making sure my answers were well written and concise. Then he decided too sell the place and not have any work done.

    Also, text has no tone or expression.

    Yesterday I received an e-mail with about 4-5 questions. One of the questions was "do you call Miss Utility". Well, it states on the last page of the proposal that we will be contacting Miss Utility. I'm thinking to myself "I really need to take time to answer this question that's already addressed in the proposal?"

    Another question was "what kind of grass seed are you using, the other contractors are using Tall Fescue". See, I have a hard time responding to such a question via e-mail because in this day and age nearly all grasses on this side of the Mississippi are Fescue! And you never want to use only one variety of Fescue for a lawn, you want to use a blend of Fescue that way if one variety gets a disease you have the other two to back it up. Its easier for me to explain this verbally rather than via text.

    So what I do is when people send me an e-mail with 3 or more questions (usually questions in multi-sentence paragraghs) I pick up the phone and call them to discuss. If its only 2 questions - I respond via e-mail. However, this year I'm sensing that people are not liking that I call them to discuss their concerns. I must be really really old school because I like personal service, when a person picks up the phone and takes the time to talk to me - they score points.
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    Times are changing. Once you start working for the 30-40 year olds it's all email. You have a smart phone immediate response is great brownie points

    I've found that simple one line emails are fine. They don't have to have paragraphs explaining a question. Especially when you get an email with one or two questions.

    Just wait until customers start texting you lol
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  3. DVS Hardscaper

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    we don't do hardly any work for 30-40 yr olds. they don't have money for us. the key is in people 50 and older.
  4. 360lawncare

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    Heck I have clients I haven't even meet in person all contact has been via email or text.. Which is fine with me.
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  5. TX Easymoney

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    Most of ours too...for last 10 to 12 years been e-mailing contracts, 95 percent of bills etc...
    I'd never give out my cell phone anyways...text is for personal use only in my opinion...
  6. whiffyspark

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    My business line also goes to my cell phone. I have a virtual office that it gets forwarded to and my phone never rings. But they can still text me on it
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  7. TTS

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    I use all means to contact clients but a lot is done electronically. I have a google voice number for my business and I can text clients from that number either from a computer or smart phone app without them getting my personal cell number. I try to make myself available for contact in whatever method the client prefers.
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  8. BMB Hardscape

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    Most of my contact with customers is done through email. I very rarely get phone calls, if I do it's from the older clientele. A lot of my jobs this year have been the younger crowd, I'm 27 years old and I've been getting a lot of jobs from younger couples in their first home. A lot of them just text me, which can get kind of annoying at times. I have a few brand new customers right now that won't have any other contact other than texting. They don't answer their phone, and when I emailed them my estimate they texted me back rather than replying to the email.
  9. zedosix

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    Email and texting. Don't have time for calls and don't want to talk to them. I can get my work done faster without the phone. Phones are for friends and family and my Mum.
  10. DVS Hardscaper

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    Your WHAT? Did you mean your "mom" or did you mean your "man"? :canadaflag:

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