Only Kubota !

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by lawn king, May 16, 2008.

  1. lawn king

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    Only kubota, offers 6 range hydrostat with auto hds, only kubota offers hydrostat responce control adjustment, only kubota offers stall guard & auto throttle! Yes these options are expensive, but they are worth every dime when your iron is your livelihood!

  2. rcreech

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    You better watch it King....or you are going to piss of the penny pinchers! :laugh:

    I agree with you totally though! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! It is a simple thing I have learned in life! Some people are just happier when they think they are "saving" money. But it will cost them in the long run!

    If you are JUST looking at horsepower...then I am sure there are a lot of good tractors out there, but I want MORE then just horsepower.

    I want comfort, quality, support, parts (when needed), RESALE VALUE etc.

    Nobody can convince me that when they go to upgrade that they won't get killed when selling an "off brand" tractor!

    I know you are a BIG K fan...and I think they are great also, but JD is a very nice and comfy machine!

    I hated to jump ship from Orange, but I needed a machine between the B and L and that is where the JD 3520 came in for me! I love it! Ran my B3030 for three years and loved it!
  3. JB1

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    Moonlighting in sales at the local Kubota dealership ?
  4. lawn king

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    Agreed on the big name values. JD has the best parts support in the world, you can have a new starter for a 50 year old tractor in 24 hours. I think the new players in the tractor game are selling units with attractive prices, but its after the sale where you can have no seat when the music stops? I have racked up a couple thousand hours on kubotas (3 models) over the last 8 years, lifted & pulled things the specs said the machines couldnt do. I have never had to do a big time repair! A blown hydraulic line and a front axle seal is about it. I feel the same about GM trucks as i do about kubota. I stay with chevy because they rarely let me down!

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