Only use Walk Behinds???


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Okay I know many will think I am crazy for suggesting this idea but let me see what you think. I currently run a 48" Exmark W/B with the 17hp Kawasaki and a 60" Chopper with the 32hp Generac. 90% of my properties are 3/4 to 1 acre with many trees and obstacles. I really enjoy the W/B and it seems to manuver better and seems easier on the turf in this type of situations. I am slightly considering going strictly walk behinds. One thing though is I would like for the walk behind to have a 60" deck and as much engine as I can get. I love the Exmark but what other manufacturer / engine options are out there? I have even thought about waiting on the chopper w/b but heard it was a 52" with a 20 some hp engine. What do you all think or suggest?


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Ferris makes a 61 inch deck with a 23 hp kawi. I have 3 of them and think they are great...


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If not for fatigue/body wear reasons that's not a bad strategy for lawns if you feel you need to get a better cut or less damage. I personally know my longevity will be extended by riding rather than walking or standing on a sulky for that many hours. I used wb's maybe 25% of the time last year, but that was a spike up from previous seasons. I enjoy the wb mowing, but my knees don't.

Would a 60" wb start to have many of the same problems a rider would, due to its weight? I've always used small rather light wb's.

Would a compact ZTR be about the same in terms of damage as a really big wb? The added straightaway speed might get you the same productivity as a bigger deck wb.

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Yes, do that and sell me your chopper. Seriously, if you do, contact me, I am in NC also.

I just did the opposite. Do mostly resi's, but a few commercials. I have been using only wb's for one and a half years, and purchased a 50" dixie, that I used for the first time last week. I took my toro 52"wb on the trailer and my dixie. Two days (thurs and fri) mowing, toro stayed on trailer, and I got jobs done faster. I am only speaking the truth here, and I REALLY liked my toro. I'll keep it for bad hills, but for now, its dixie and me.


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I have about 20 accounts and all I use is a Meto HP 48" EXMARK. My opinion goes with EXMARK. Great on these Mississippi hills. 48" is just right for me. Maybe you could just get a Turf Tracer with the 60".


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I just traded my 48" Lazer Hp on a 52" Turf Tracer with floating deck. On props under 1 acre, the WB seems to be the king. I now have a 36" and 52" walk behind and it is all you really need for residential and medium to small commercial.
In 10 years I may think differently, but for now I will ride a sulky. They are just much more versatile.


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I agree completely, I am in the process of selling my rider now to add another walk behind. The properties that I have that I can use my rider on, it dosnt get the job done as fast as a W/B. I like the exercise anyway, I will own a sulky, but only for the 1 acre plus ones

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