Ontario auction sales


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Ontario, Canada
Here are some websites that show upcoming sales. If you check out the sites they usually list what they will be selling. Make sure you know the rules before you bid, some sales charge buyers premiums on items you buy, sometimes 10% or more. Also realize that some of the items may be broken or worn out, know what you are buying before you bid. Oh yeah if it seems like some prick is running you up it's just me having some fun at your expense... Most newspapers list the upcoming sales in their Saturday papers so look there too.
This one is in Breslau,, no buyers premium.

This one is in London, has a buyers premium usually. Make sure you check the listing they have car only sales too. I used to buy and sell cars thru here.
This company has a garbage website but the phone number is there to call for info. It is in Caledon East and has some BIG sales. I bought some stuff there a few weeks ago.