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Discussion in 'Network: International' started by Lynden-Jeff, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. ff1221

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    Cantoo, I guess yesterday would have been a bust, today mightn't be any screamin Hell either, sounds a little breezy out. I didn't realize Chad was stitchin for both, i haven't talked to him since last fall. Glad to hear you're keeping your wife busy, my wife does what few residentials we have, then spends the rest of the week slaving for me in construction, the majority of our lawns are municipal stuff in the townships. I've seen your van around, and wondered who it was, strange meeting here.I don't do any sweeping, but often get requests, do you want me to throw your name out?
  2. cantoo

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    ff1221, the set went well today well the half I was at anyway. Had to go to a funeral. Hopefully we are done with the winter crap now, I think everyone has had enough. I don't know Chad at all but he's scheduled to do one of my houses in a few weeks.
    We only take on a few new customers each year and we try to dump a few crappy ones. She usually only takes on referrals from existing customers. We try to do as few sweeping jobs as we can, it's not a lot of fun. We do a fair bit of spraying and a little fert. We try to do a variety of jobs with just a few customers. At one time it was a plan to have me go full time too but she's too hard for me to work for so I guess I'll keep the day job.
    I just took a look at one of your threads, nice looking massey's. My wife has likely seen you around, she only lets me cut our lawn. I don't keep the lines straight enough and try to do more than we are paid for.
    Here's some of my equipment. http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=185239&highlight=steiner
  3. Lynden-Jeff

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    Well just purchased my one new peice of equiptment this year, a black enclosed trailer! Will have pics up soon.

  4. Triple L

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    Nice Nice! Did you go all out on this trailer? Black will look just bitchin behind your truck! I'll put up a pic of my new dumper to once I getter all lettered up

    Cantoo, wow buddy, you've got just about ever single attachment that could ever to thought of for your steiner, good stuff!
  5. cantoo

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    Triple L, I only have a couple official Steiner attachments the rest of the stuff I built myself. Too cheap to pay for the red paint. The Breslau sale is next Saturday I'm sure there will be something there I just have to have. There was a couple of cheap skid steers at the London sale tonight but I just can't justify one to my wife. Yet.
  6. leaflandscape

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    Which London sale was that? There've been a lot of great used skidsteers around this winter, a lot of guys must be retiring or upgrading.
  7. Bustus

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    Still waiting for this snow to be gone!!
  8. cantoo

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    leafandlawn, McKenzie's repo sale. I've been going for around 20 plus years. I buy a few things there, went home empty last Thursday.
  9. Daner

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    You guys have way too many toys...LOL...Thought I would drop In here and say Hello.
    That snow Is taking a long time to melt...anyway,I'm looking for a fertilizer supplier around here,that has some easy prices...any suggestions?

    Bring on the heat...I'm almost booked already for the summer

    Cheers... and good Idea on the Thread There Jeff

  10. cantoo

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    Hey Daner, I haven't even talked to my fert suppliers yet. I'm kind of afraid to ask prices. We don't do alot of fert anyway but I was hoping to increase some this year to offset chemical losses. We always tell our customers to only spray as needed and spend the money on fert to keep the grass growing and crowd out the weeds. We use a couple of local farm supply places that we also work for so we're in a bit of a bind supply wise. Don't want to lose their business either.
    The snow is melting here but dang slow. I was out playing with the Steiner today moving some piles to speed up the melting. They are talking some rain so that will help alot. We are starting to get a few calls from people making sure we are keeping them on our lists. We are starting this week on some small jobs.

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