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Discussion in 'Network: International' started by Lynden-Jeff, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Zed

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    off-topic here, but what kinda hourly rate should a pesticide licenced employee make?
  2. cantoo

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    Sorry zed, no idea what a licenced tech should make. My wife makes my supper and does my laundry but that's about it. I been gonna ask for a raise but I think she would fire me and hire a young kid pretty quick.
    We only put around 5000kms on each of our rigs so diesel really isn't worth it. I also only buy used so long life isn't really a big deal. I usually buy used municipal trucks at auctions. Our old diesel is Conservation Authority orange our newer gasser is Toronto Hydro yellow and our cube van is School Board white. I always say I'm gonna paint them but I'm too lazy and cheap. I'm thinking County green for the next one.
    93 diesel truck has over 400,000kms, 95 gasser truck has 130,000kms, 91 cube van gasser has about 400,000kms and our 94 minivan has over 400,000kms on it. Let's just say I don't have a lot invested in our equipment that sits idle most of the time.
  3. PlatinumLandCon

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    With all this gas vs diesel talk and the difference in price, has anyone ever thought of making biodiesel? When I bought my junker 1990 Chevy 6.2 diesel, the guy's original plan was to run bio and he included this book with a full write-up on how to make biodiesel, including making a processor and everything. I think I might look into running a 25-50% blend this summer if I have time to do the bio thing.
  4. DeVries

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    Hey Jeff I keep hearing more and more about the chips. How expensive are they, and do they save you on fuel or just give you more power?
  5. Lynden-Jeff

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    They arn't cheap however they are great. I can run about 500 HP with mine on max setting, just by pressing a button. It also monitors all my temps and has auto shutdowns. I haven't seen too much summer MPG (because I got it in november) but it sure did help me with winter MPG (even though winters crap on milage for diesels). It cost me about $1200 however there are cheaper non fancy ones that do the same thing.

  6. PlatinumLandCon

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    Jeff, that thing looks flippin awesome! Any pics of it in the truck? Does it stay permanently mounted somewhere? I assume all the read-outs are as accurate as the dash guages?
  7. Lynden-Jeff

    Lynden-Jeff LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Will get pics tomorow. It is more accurate then the dash, althought it uses the computer for its numbers, its not just an idiot light like the dash. There is a post turbo pyro added in also that is seperate from the computer.

  8. DeVries

    DeVries LawnSite Member
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    Wow from what I hear the bully dog is the best you can get. I guess if you are getting better milage it would be worth it. Would they work for a gasser as well?

    DAFFMOBILEWASH LawnSite Member
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    On the gas vs diesel delema I'm at a cross road again. A few years back everything in the fleet was diesel, then I had some issues with a few injector pumps and went back to gas. Not with the cost of fuel rising again the diesel is looking good again. I think it is going to come down to what is the best deal on a given aution.

    While we are talking about cool gagets, has anyone installed any GPS systems into thier trucks. Thought it would be a good idea in the winter in case of a lawsuit. If these systems could be tracked using your at home computer it would take the guesswork out of when you got there and the time you left plus the date and times would be trackable.

  10. ff1221

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    I'm with cantoo, I don't put the miles on to warrant the extra costs involved with a diesel, but if bio-diesel were more viable I would seriously look at changing. That's the advantage of a diesel, there are alternatives without making expensive conversions to the motor, but bio-diesel still needs some work before it will work 100% especially in the winter, it has a tendency to gel up easily.

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