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Discussion in 'Network: International' started by Lynden-Jeff, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. nickslawnltd

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    Hopefully everyone is coping with late wet cold spring. We have been slugging through cleanups as best we can. Hoping for a few dry days next week to get some top dressing and seeding done as we found some one that has top soil screened and stored indoors. Lots of mulching to get done. The phone keeeps ringing which is a good thing but a turn in the weather would be nice. The sales in our retail yard has been non existant. Nobody is really looking for any aggregate or mulch in this weather which is a far cry from the last couple of years.

    I also would like to see if there is any interest in a Great Dane Super Surfer Mower. It's a stander. 22HP Kohler. 52 Inch fixed deck, this was a home owner used mower and by the looks of it didn't have much use. The lettering on the body rest is still all in tack so it wouldn't have been used much. They didn't come with hour meters unfortanetly so that I do not know. We took over a new lawn a few years ago and the customer called me to see if I was interested in purchasing it and I did. After playing around with it in the yard I realized a stander is not for me and my employees were not big fans either. If your in the market for one make me an offer either cash, cash/trade or straight trade.

    I'm located in beautiful Grand Bend, Ontario

    THIESSENS TLC LawnSite Senior Member
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    Its 25 degrees out where I am right now!!! Big storm on its way???
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  3. nickslawnltd

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    We had the same temp but just got back to the shop. Got far far too windy to be doing cleanups. It was a task even driving in it
  4. Jaynen

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    Ya its windy as heck. Thought the rake and brooms were gonna snap on the trailer. Anyone worried about the chinch bug situation this year?
  5. Gilmore.Landscaping

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    Looking for one og these, anyone have an idea where I can get one?

  6. The Bedazzler

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    Some people may not like this but..............Bump! Lol :canadaflag:
  7. bamp

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    Just saying Hello to fellow ontario lawn care & landscaping companies.
    Hope everyone is getting ready for the upcoming season.
    Tune all that equipment!
  8. Ditta&Sons

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    Still a foot of snow out there.
    This thread is 5 years old but it's nice to see more Canadians here.
    Anyone from Niagara Falls or St.Catharines?
  9. 67ghiaTIV

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    Just wondering if anyone has some advice on insurance company for a SOLO guy. I will be doing ferts, aerating, pruning etc.

  10. cantoo

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    Bamp, looks like you got another few weeks to tune that equipment. We're near Lucknow. Run a Walker 2 Bobcats and a Steiner. Do you do any lawn sweeping or gravel sweeping? We do a fair bit using our Steiner and brush.

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