ooohhhh am I steamed!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Willofalltrades, Oct 30, 2006.

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    Well, what someone said about the EPA is sorta right I guess.

    I bet the carb valve body had to be capped like that to suit the EPA. They want pieces where the carbs can't be adjusted for air/fuel mixture and MADE in such a way that these parts can't be swapped out for the adjustable parts either. So they make the cap non-removable and non replaceable.

    I'd also almost bet this is why you can't just buy a replacement valve body to stick in there in place of the old one.

    Anyways, I take it you DID break the top of the valve body? Oh well... I think that's just one in a million pot luck. But I know your feeling of thinking it sucks to have to buy an entire carb over that. Me, I felt similarly over Stihl's "cast-IN" flywheel key on the solid driveshaft trimmers. Wear the key down and eventually shear it of..... you gotta buy a complete new flywheel at the tune of $80. Same thing with the low grade screws in the spark arrestor cover on Echos. They rust up and you have to buy a complete new muffler.

    But the bottom line is... in the grand scheme of things, this carb is HUGE and for $66 through JThomas, that ain't bad. I was expecting over $100. I had a non-replaceable internal part go bad in a Stihl trimmer carb. It was just a little small carb. I think $85 for a new ZAMA carb for it. So that price ain't bad considering....
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    Don't feel bad, I ran over a brand new 440 Stihl chainsaw last Monday. Needless to say superglue won't help that situation. I bet I don't run over another piece for a while.
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    I think some of these guys are being a little tough on you. We all make mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. That's how we learn. I have knocked my blower over at least 20 times, probably more. Luckly nothing has broke. It's a Echo PB750, it seems to be built quite well.

    I agree with you though, I would think the blower should be designed to take some amount of abuse and not have pieces break off. I bet after you get it fixed you will be more careful. We live and learn.

    Good Luck
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    I wasn't trying to be hard on him, just trying to make everyone realize that Redmax nor the dealer should be responsible for customer error. At least you didn't make the mistake of putting straight gas in it, that would have been a $500+ mistake.

    And unfortunatley, the emmissions standards are going ot get even tougher in the near future, which will make for a lot more expensive 2 cycle equipment and replacement parts.
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    I had no intent on making a warranty claim. I hoped it would be a common replacable part that the dealer has seen broken a million times and would fix ASAP. I didn't know I would be told to buy a new carb. Trust me, lol, I mix my gas to.
    Echo huh? I was considering one before I get my redmax. They look like a well built unit. I went with the Redmax because my dealer sells them.
    Thanks, The EPA requirement makes sence but can we make this stuff out of some sort of metal? I like the J-Thomas price. Next spring I will deal with it when it becomes a bigger issue. As for now, I set the trigger lock and attack the leaves.
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    A few pics of the carb.

    Will's pics 277.jpg

    Will's pics 276.jpg
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    I would agree, I had a similar issue with an Echo trimmer with a bad coil: Echo guarantees almost every single coil for life, but dealers say different (i.e.: they want you to pay for the coil).

    It's something they're apparently doing to drive home the idea that it's 'cheaper to buy another than to fix old,' but I don't care for it.

    I went through a lot of trouble but finally got my part replaced under warranty (thou I had to pay the labor, but that I was ok with).

    p.s.: I ran over my br-420 with my trailer once, too! Cost me $80 to replace HALF the cracked turbofan shroud, much like yourself the damage was minimal, the $80 was just the part!
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    If your Top-O-The-Line, $500 blower can't take an accident "as descibed" then their customer service is crap IF they do not stand by it! Willodalltrades did not say it cartwheeled down an embarkment.....but that it took a one revolution roll. Sh*t happens to all of us, but commercial level equipment should withstand this type of "abuse". Doesn't sound like it could have taken more of an impact than if he had turned too quickly and hit a branch while working around a tree to me. His dealer should have offered some compromise in this instance if he values Willofalltrades future business.

    IMHO, This would be like a car dealer making you pay for an engine that blows 500 miles out of warranty. Technically, they are within their right.......but they just lost themselves a customer and discouraged several more that he tells about it. I had a Dodge dealer take care of a tranny problem like this....with us paying something like $200........I drive a Dodge truck today. Doubt I would if they stuck it in my arse on that deal!

    Good customer service driven companies will work WITH their customers in these instances. I'd NEVER spend another dime with the dealer that stiff-armed you. But I would give Redmax the opportunity to work something out and satisfy their customer.

    Just my 2 cents.........

    PS......MY 'lesson learned mistake' also invovled a blower............

    let's just say CLOSED TAILGATES do an excellent job of keeping them in your possession!....Doh! At least it was ONLY a $99 'special' :hammerhead:
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    From the looks on the pictures, all that is missing is the idle screw section? If thats is all, it shoulkd be oretty easy to fix. Something like a peice of plastic @ 90 degree and superglued on to keep it at idle. I have a spare carbm but it doesnt have that type of throttle on it.
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    I'm glad that you can at least use the blower without having to do the repair.

    Which shop are you working with? I use Chagrin Valley Pet, Garden and Power tools. Their cust service is excellent.

    Thank god the sun is out! and good luck with the cleanups!

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