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oooo ...



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Okay, did you bribe, buy, bully, or bust someone to do it ??

Congrats !!!

How long did it take ?
No, best way to do it is take your time and drill down through the cats, and I mean take your time, probably several days or a week, just to see what spot you can find that most closely fits your site.

What I mean is, a little every day, 20-30 minutes spent looking, sites similar to yours, where are they, and so on helps.

Don't get excited over it, I think of it as putting a book into its proper place at the most mundane and boring library in the world.
Because it is a dinosaur, there's nothing there but decay and rot, even the engine only sputters and coughs, and that intermittently.
Oh yeah I mean it's rough, there's cobwebs and some signs of looters and vandals, then half the time the lights blink off...
Very late at night might work better, either way, once the book is in the proper place, you can leave.
That's it, nobody will likely read it, only people here are others like me, but where does it go...?

Then, submit once and never look back.
Don't re-submit, don't ask about it, don't speak to those folks.
It's a one time thing, invest your time and be done.

I don't know how long, could've been 6 months to a year ago, maybe it was two weeks or a month or three, I don't recall...
Like I said, submit once and forget about it.

A 'who cares' attitude helps for that last part, but the first part with the fit bit you should be concerned about.
That's what makes it so hard I think.


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I really don't want to say much more, I am afraid of that organization, very afraid, there are spies everywhere, you could be one of them, maybe I am, who knows, they report to the big bad Meta. I'm starting to forget the name, that might be a good thing, I don't visit their forums, no reason.

It's Aol's answer to the problem, if that helps, I think 200,000 years ago when it first sprung up, in and of itself the concept was good, or maybe it was just the intention. Either way someone cheated, and that got it all started, dmoz was never the same again.

I guess just take your time, do a good job and do it right, then let it be, let it go, don't look back.


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Westside Oregon
At least you are listed.

Apparently, sites only get one spot in DMOZ.

The reason you are 4th, is that only 4 are in there.

If 20 more people submit to that category, there will eventually be 24.

Note that the 4 in your group are all alphabetical.

In fact, click on the other parts of DMOZ and you will see that those are alphabetical also. That means that in time, if 10, 20 or 40 other websites register for the category that you are in, you will be listed alphabetically. And your name is toward the end of the alphabet, indicating that you will probably always be toward the end of the list as it lengthens.

Turf Troll

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As a goal it still is something to be obtained for a least one site.

I gave up on it for my regular business site a year ago when I got my serps where I wanted. Since I haven't bothered, between dmoz and the 200 or 300 that yahoo wants for their directory the can take and place them where the light don't shine except when your over 50.

But still dmoz still works or works again since they started retaking submissions.

But good for you topsite I'm glad you got listed.

Have to go sharpen some blades, bummer