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  1. Darryl G

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    Add this one to the stupid moves list. I changed my mower blades last night. Before I started cutting this morning, I was going to lift up the deck and take a peek, as usual, but then remembered that I just changed the blades and cleaned the deck last night, so I skipped it. Well, as I engage the clutch, the engine bogs down and almost stalls. Of course, I tried it again, thinking that I just dumped the clutch too soon. Same thing. Well, guess what I found on the spindle, my one inch combination wrench! I'm just glad I didn't break anything.
  2. awm

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    sounds like uve invented a new bld break. glad there was no damage:)
  3. Runner

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    Atleast it didn't stay on and let go later. Let's consider that one a blessing.:)
  4. Russo

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    I think posts like this are the best. We all need to hear about those little things that didn't kill us but might have. Be careful out there, and thank you for reminding me to do the same.

    Ever think to yourself.... "Hey, I would never have quit smokin pot when I was a teenager if I knew I was gonna do stuff like this anyway!"
  5. cos

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    That was shear timing. I had a belt snap and whip me in the leg. This could have been worse for you or someone else.
  6. Dennis E.

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    Forgetting about the tools.
    Done that a couple of times on my ZTR.
    My other good one is to tighten 2 out of 3 blades. (My son is good at distracting me!:rolleyes: )
    Makes for an interesting start of the day,huh?
  7. scottb

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    Ok than I was helping a friend last week. I was changing the blades on a proline 48 almost identical too mine. My friend was talking to me while doing this . Well to make a long story short I put the two 1/4" spacers that are supposed to be underneath the deck on top.(this was the bladecloset to the discharge shute) We didnt notice it until two lawns later. It didnt seem to affect the cut at least that we noticed, but it sure was funny at the time. Thats why I like to work alone no one to distract me.
  8. FrankenScagMachines

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    Similar thing happened, scottb, a friend I mow for with his mower well he put on new blades yesterday, I went to mow today and the middle blade was scalping where it never does before... so I run it upto the shop and lift 'er up and the blade accidentally didn't go onto the nub thing so it was down a quarter inch or so below the others. Well not really scalping it but it is low enough to notice it's browner from the hot sun. AFTER about half dozen passes in the FRONT yard....:rolleyes: so it looks kinda goofy.. couple days and it'll grow enough so you'll never notice but it bugged me anyway. A few weeks ago I was working for this friend in his small engine repair shop, i'd just put a new throttle cable on a push mower, was running it and all of a sudden there's this noise, some sparks and the blade goes shooting across the floor. The bolt broke on it. We never touched the bolt so it wasn't like we overtorqued it, it was just weak. Lucky the blade didn't go my direction!
    Little things like this seem insignificant when they don't hurt us but it wouldn't be pretty if they do damage us... gotta think!:)
  9. Pelican

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    I was at one account a couple years ago and one blade on my walk behind was scalping, I figured it was a bent blade. Then it scraped the driveway when I crossed, it had never done this before. I stopped the machine and took a look, I had put the offending blade on upside down, the wings where doing the cutting! How dumb did I feel?
  10. carauskas1

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    "That was shear timing. I had a belt snap and whip me in the leg. This could have been worse for you or someone else."

    Sorry I am new here, and was wondering if this happens when there is no cover on the deck.:confused: :confused: :confused:

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