Ooops...purple primer spill

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by irrig8r, May 17, 2007.

  1. irrig8r

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    I was parked on a road with a little slope towards the curb and had an open can of primer sitting on top of the toolbox on the passenger side where I was assembling some parts on top of an old towel.

    I guess I slammed a door too hard on the other side, something hit the can of primer, and before I knew it most of a 1/2 pt. of PURPLE cascaded down the side of my dingy white truck bed.

    End of the day, lack of sleep the night before, primer fumes...lots of things to blame...

    Paper towels took of a little that was still wet, but of course most dried fast.

    Now this is an older vehicle, and I've thought about new paint anyway, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to removed the stain? Not sure how deep it penetrated, but I thought I'd use some kind of rubbing compound...

    Any suggestions would be helpful. I'm too embarassed to post a pic... but imagine a 6" wide purple streak top to bottom down the vertical door... ;)
  2. Midlo Snow Maker

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    you might try clear color primer to take it off, this worked on siding on a house, took it right off.
  3. sheshovel

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    Nope but I will know how to recognize your truck now when you come up to inspect my drip systems! Nothing but sandpaper will take that out of the paint now.
  4. gusbuster

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    Well, have you ever seen a clean painters truck?

    Why is an irrigation truck any different that a painters,roofer ect.....

    It's a work truck is it not?
  5. irrig8r

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    Welll, not sandpaper. But a mild abrasive.

    Tried a number of different things I had around here. Some Permatex hand cleaner with solvents and pumice (I think)... Goof Off 2... orange Goop with pumice.. even baking soda... all of them took a little off, but all required a lot of elbow grease.

    Best solution was actually Bon Ami, and it worked best when the terrycloth rag I was using was wrung out and not too wet. Took off some oxidized paint in the process, but it's an old paint job anyway... left just a little splash down the inside of the door to remind me to be more careful..

    Last time this happened was a with most of a gallon of primer that I saw tumble in freeze frame slow motion when a large van coming down the wrong side of the street nailed my truck good. PVC parts and tools and primer and glue all doing a mid air acrobatic ballet...

    So..lessons learned this time... (I hope):

    Always leave my primer with the lid on if unattended. (Evaporates too quickly otherwise anyway.)

    Always leave it in my plastic tote tray.

    Never leave other tools perched precariously where they can fall on the can of primer and knock it over.

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