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    I was installing some channel drains with a helper the other day across the head of a concrete driveway. All went well until I started to tie in to a field drain I installed back in the day. We were digging and ran into a piece of oak 2x4 too long and deep to dig up. So I thought I could cut through it with my brand new 14" Shindy w/diamond blade. WRONG. I'm not sure why but I killed that brand new $150 blade in about 10 seconds. A daimond blade will cut concrete,stone, and rebar, but not WOOD!!!:hammerhead: :hammerhead: The good part is the dealer comp'ed the blade. The bad part is I still have to buy a new one.:cry:
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    I'll have to keep that one in mind!
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    That is definitly a first! and last for you I presume. The blade cannot be scoured and cleaned?? That surprises me that a diamond coated blade would be ruined, no surprise that it would not cut wood. I guess the right tool for the job means you will carry and use something different next time?

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