Oops ~ Striped a Couple of Lawns with my Z.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by TurfRyder, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. TurfRyder

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    I have done 100's of apps with-out striping and low and behold I had some problems with a couple of immature lawns recently and was wondering why it happened.

    The striping that occurred happened on new lawns about a year old. Both were weed infested as well. After applying a granular with dimension narrow bands of dark green popped up. The 3ft. bands are about 20 ft. apart. I was laying down fert and spraying at the same time so my spacing was pretty tight.

    My thinking is that my Z was tossing a bit too much fert to the right. That would explain the wide spacing of the bands. I noticed that I have had this problem only when using granular with Dimension. I tried placing the comb all the way back and it still seems to throw more fert to the right than the left due to the clockwise rotation of the impeller. I did a property right next to one that striped and it turned out perfect. I had the same spacing and calibration on the striped property. The only difference was that it was an established lawn while the other was not.

    Its kind of embarrassing that I striped these lawns as that is something I have not done since I was a noob and I only did that a few times back then.

    Has anyone one else had a similar problem with their Z throwing down a bit more fert to the right when using Dimension? Do you think this is the reason for the striping? I am sorry I don't have any pics but if you have had any similar experiences please share them. Thanks!

    EDIT ~ I'll try to take some pics tomorrow and post them.
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  2. Grandview

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    I doubt that it was the dimension. I always stay in a circle pattern to reduce my striping chances.
  3. EVM

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    I have seen this on a couple of my lawns after using dimension in the spring. I think it is the lawn being slow to green up or the product because my patterns are dead on.
  4. TurfRyder

    TurfRyder LawnSite Member
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    I can tell you this with certainty. Granular with Dimension lays down a little more to the right with my machine. This may not be significant on most established lawns but my thinking is it may be a problem with unestablished ones.
  5. RigglePLC

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    New lawns are pale. Much more likely to have this problem. You have stripes of green every second swath because when you go north it throws more to the east and when you turn around and go south it throws more to the west, double covering the area you just covered.
    Tricky--but using the square spiral pattern may help--on new lawns only.

    You could use some duct tape to cover part of the hopper opening--as you try to get the fert to land further outward from the center of the impeller. Let us know how you come out, and show us the pics.
  6. sprayboy

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    Put the comb all the way forward and the pull it back very, very slowly and you will see the pattern shift to the left. It is a very small adjustment .
  7. Young Bros

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    We were thinking that on the unestablished lawn it will be easier to notice mistakes. Plus on an unestablished turf the prills might roll further.
  8. TurfRyder

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    Thanks for all your input! All I can say is I always overlap my pattern to match up with my tire tracks. That is what I have been told to do and it has worked well for the 500 hours I have logged on my machine.

    I tried that and it works great. I noticed a much more even pattern with that comb setting. Thank you kindly for that info!

    I never thought of the prills rolling. I can see now that that could have contributed to the problem.

    I managed to take some pics today so here you go.

    This site had the most striping as you can see:





    Here is a pic of the second site. I ran some fert in the opposite direction last week and the stripes are less pronounced now:


    Thanks again for all your input everyone! Hopefully I have learned enough to prevent this from happening again. I was a bit embarrassed and surprised to say the least.
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  9. humble1

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    just curious what was the spacing?
  10. TurfRyder

    TurfRyder LawnSite Member
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    Both sites were weed infested so my spacing was tight ~ 7 - 8 ft. Maybe closer to 7. My impeller speed was set at just a hair under 2 so as not to get too much overlap. I have run with these settings on 100's of apps before with no problems. I think prill roll and the comb setting I had may have contributed to the problem. Next time I do an app on an unestablished lawn like these I am going to slow things down a bit and set the impeller speed just a tad lower.

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