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    Can you help me? I'm a commercial real estate guy with a great love for gardening.

    I left a building owner with the impression that I was capable of calling out landscape plants for his recently completed bldg. I am far from qualified to do that. My limited knowledge of plant names and species impressed him.

    Sooooo... he asked me to handle the landcaping. Here's what he has: Fifteen 8' triangle planters in front of his building.

    Should I plant the same plants in each planter? Or should I group the same plants every 2, or 3 planters? And what plants do you recommend? Do I plant them in the middle of the triangle with ground cover around them? ::confused:

    I live in Ca. San Fernando Valley. It's hot here, and all plants are in direct sun.

    Please help me!!!:angel:

    Ronnie K.
  2. kermit

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    I have an idea, hire a landscaper you ****. We make our livings with our knowledge, just as you do. We don't ask you to sell our properties for free; don't ask us to work for free. This forum is for professionals to share information, not for people looking to steal the food out of our mouths!
  3. Lanelle

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    Are the planters raised or ground level? Is there a lot of pedestrian traffic around them? Basically a little more site info would help us here. Also, appropriate ultimate height of plantings? Of course trying to design something site unseen is risky at best. Hiring a local designer would be much more professional with more predictable results. Most of us don't deal with California plantings.
  4. PAPS

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    Yea... try hiring a professional landscaper, and stick to selling real estate.
  5. kris

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    What kind of budget are you working with ?.. Go to a local nursery for some help .. If you can't spring for a full design perhaps you can pay someone for a couple of hours- consultation.
    Good luck with it.

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