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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Administrator, Jun 24, 2001.

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    The site is almost complete! I need your guys help and input. Help me come up with some FAQ ( follow the faq link ) I want to cover just about every single question that anyone would have.

    To see how the search function would look if someone entered a serial number use 8032-3923-TEST939-1411 as an example. ( copy and paste it in )

    I also need some good homepage text. Some valuable input that would convince people immediately to register their equipment.

    This is something that has a lot of potential. I am even going to talk to insurance companies when I get the site out of beta to see if they would agree to a reduction in insurance rates. This site has the ability to recover a lot of stolen equipment. Also has the ability to bring down theft in whole.

    Also, If theft is not a concern the registered member control panel will be able to create a update able service record for your equipment.

    Some things to keep in mind.... I would also like homeowners to use this service. Im sure their equipment gets stolen and would like to have their equip registered. I would like to see a trickle effect. If I can get manufacturers to come on board first that would be great. Then they could recommend to the dealers to register then the dealer passes it on down to the end user.

    Also, we might end up changing the name to OPEfax.com. This is because a lot of agencies like police & pawn shops still don't use the Internet. So, if I got a fax line so they could fax in serial numbers to be checked this would be easy for them. If we could make it the norm for every agency that services, deals with, or is involved in recovery of outdoor power equipment to check the database that would be nice. :) Also, we will create a reverse lookup soon. This will be so agencies who have recovered equipment that is not listed can upload the serial numbers and persons looking for their equipment can check a database of recovered equipment by serial number.

    Right now the service is setup like this... registration is free for the first piece of equipment. Then $15 a year gets you up to 10 then $25 a year gets the user unlimited equipment registrations.

    These prices are for the end user only. I will have higher, premium prices for used equipment dealers, etc.

    What do you think? I NEED INPUT. :blob3: :)

    Chuck Keough
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    No input? ??!??
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    I like the picture idea, you need a spot for the last recorded # of hours and any changes made to the machine, ex. atv tires,dubble blades exc... and a sold to space for when(if) it was sold. :jester:
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    I'm sorry but I really don't know what I can add except that I would be more acceptable to the idea of not having to pay for this service exactly. I'm already paying insurance and if my equip gets stolen then I am covered.

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    $15 or $25 a year is a pin-drop? If I continue to offer free services I will continue to work in the red?

    OPEfacts.com is something that has the ability to help the industry. This is something that should have been done years ago by manufacturers or insurance companies. As a matter of fact, I will try my best to talk to insurance companies for a policy discount when people sign up for OPEfacts.com. Remember... this has a nationwide ability to bring down theft of power equipment. When people start getting cought red-handed theft will go down.
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    When you talk to these different insurance companies, see if they will give a Lawnsite group insurance discount. With all of the members we have, we could start our own insurance company. :)

    I think this is a good idea and I feel it could help catch a lot of these people out stealing our equipment. I have had equipment stolen and it is an awful feeling seeing an empty trailer, whether it is insured or not.

    $15 a year is a drop in the bucket, a bit over $1.00 a month. If nothing else, it helps support this great forum. I have sent in money to help support Lawnsite and I have spent countless hours helping to run Lawnsite.com, as many as 17 hours in a day during the winter. I bet you have learned at least one thing here that can save you at least 1 hour a year which should cover the $15 or $25 that this would cost. If you haven't learned something here to save you 1 hour a year, you haven't done enough reading. ;)

    I am already signed up for this, ARE YOU?
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    Chris, you think you are covered?

    Guess again. Just because you have insrured a machine that is worth for example $10,000, You think that you would get that back??? I know form experience that a brand new machine that you paid $10 grand for, you'll probaly only get up to 80% of the value of the machine(in this case, $8000). Why, just like cars, the second you take that machine off the dealer's lot, it became a used machine.

    I do have to say this though, for this to work, manufacters, insurance companies, police angencies are having to get wind of this data base for it to be effective.

    It was me that proposed the idea of a data base to chuck. I thought somebody like chuck who is dedicated to promoting this site, could probaly get something going, that in time, will be used by various angencies. I know from personal experience that this type of system does work. I don't know that my suggestion is still listed under the announcement part of this site, but I did give a case where a simalar system is in place at my local level and I was albe to recover a $700 machine.

    I rather pay a fee of $$15 to $25 a year than $700 one time to replace a machine that could of been recovered.

    Oh by the way, I'm sure it cost some money to operate this site. Get two things for this price.1. free information. 2 . A different version of cheap insurance once this is up and going.

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    I agree with Chuck,
    This is a good idea. My question is how does The guy at "Pawn America" know how to access the site. Or does the local Law enforcement official, who locally check "names" on the pawn tickets, reference the site.

    If all outdoor power dealers had this site linked to their shop, this would be a Dragnet against equipment theft.

    I have some contacts with local "boys" I will question them on the serial number process they follow, then relay it to you Chuck. Im sure different jurisdictions handle things differently.
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    I may be out of line on this one. The only way to get this serial database out their to the proper people is by actions of the lawnsite members. What i mean by this, tell you local shop about this site. Different police agencies will get word of this site through the grape vine (networking). I know that's how task forces are created sometimes.
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    I have to say this is another great idea in a list of great ideas. To be able to have a searchable database that is accessible from virtually anywhere there is a computer would be fantastic. I would gladly pay for such a service. I already pay for law enforcement via taxes and that is certainly less available, far more complicated and definitely more red tape involved.

    To be able to use the power of all members as a group could make a huge difference in our industry. Just think of it as the AARP of the lawn care biz. LOL

    Just think of the leverage we could carry in regards to insurance rates, not to mention that when we get people to sign up for this service it makes things less financially stressful for you as business owner and less stressful for us as a group concerning what insurance companies will or will not be the best for us.

    I personally am not afraid to share my experience, both personal and proffesional, the knowledge gained from being a lawnsite member is something that needs to be shared in order to make this business what it should be.

    I am all over it!!


    PS. As for making lawnsite a pay site, I have read some posts on this, I think that this would be a mistake. There is no way to verify beyond any doubt that the person logged on is a certified, insured proffesional. To charge for the information volunteered by all members would make this site the same as the real world. It would make people even more paranoid about competition than ever before. The valuable information exchange that we enjoy here would cease.

    Just one man's opinion.

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