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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Administrator, Jul 5, 2001.

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    Feel free to register to OPEfacts.com.

    Registration is free for the very first piece of equipment for now. This is to convince homeowners to signup.

    $15.00 a year up to 10 pieces of equipment
    $25.00 a year for unlimited

    The free option is only for a short introduction time so you midas well signup for the pay feature if your serious.

    Don't forget to register all your equipment... mowers, blowers, trimmers, ANYTHING with a serial number or a serial number that you have etched yourself. Also, plows, snow blowers, heavy equipment, ATV's, etc, etc, etc...! It might take you a little time to add all your equipment to your control panel but having a permanent database will be worth it.

    Again, I am accepting suggestions.

    Chuck Keough
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    Thought a lot of you guys were interested in something like this?


  3. Eric ELM

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    $15 a year is cheap insurance that could sure help get your equipment back once we all put an effort into this to get it going nationwide. Once insurance companies find out about this, this could save us all more than that in premiums.

    Several members have asked how they can help support Lawnsite.com and have donated money to help out with the Lawnsite bills. With this, you will be helping to support Lawnsite and you will be getting a valuable service also.

    Do any of you have an idea on how to market this to all dealers? If we all tell our dealers and insurance companies about this service, it will spread like wild fire.

    I am signed up, are you?
  4. mowin'man

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    I must have missed the boat, I don't get it.
    What's it for? :confused:
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  6. Vibe Ray

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    I Can't get it to load for me (it keeps coming up w/ "action canceled").....Maybe that's why not many people have registered there yet.
  7. thelawnguy

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    I would suggest, a short unlimited entry free trial period so as to load up the database (shows others that its actually worth taking the time to check) then you may start piling on the fees, sort of like the free data storage sites did recently.

    It takes a mighty leap of faith to pay to add serial numbers to a database of only a handful of units.

    Once there is something of substance to refer to, then the marketing may have some impact.

    Just my opinion, yours will probably differ ;)
  8. Eric ELM

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  9. Administrator

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    I need to setup free accounts for dealers and manufacturers. This way I can create a trickle down effect.

    I have a LOT of foot work on this project.

    Chuck Keough

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