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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by icex, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. icex

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    I have a customer that would like a open face retaining wall built around their property. I've never done a retaining wall but wouldl ike to add them to my services for my business. Does anyone have any tips or instructions that I can look at or videos to learn how to do these? I've called a couple of people that I know that do concrete and they don't do retaining walls in this area. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Your best bet is to talk to your local supplier of retaining wall products and ask them for an installation manual for their products. Pavestone, Versalok, and others all put out good manuals that talk about the necessary installation procedures, compaction of the base and the backfill, etc. You can also get the same information online at the retaining wall manufacturers' sites.

    Once you get a basic understanding, there are many guys on here that do alot of retaining walls. Stuvecorp is someone who comes to mind as he does quite a few walls and has helped me in the past.

    BTW- what do you mean by an open faced retaining wall? I haven't heard that terminology around my area before.
  3. icex

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    The customer asked for a open faced retaining wall. A little confused on that term also. Usualy around here we just dig a footer pour the concrete and lay the block, not use fancy terms.
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  4. highclimber604

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    ya you need to tell us what an "open faced" retaining wall is because ive been doing walls for a while and ive never heard of that. The only thing i can think of is spots to put plantings in the wall.
  5. icex

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    As I said I'm realy not sure.

    I'm a bit confused on it. How do you put rebar in concrete blocks for a retaining wall?

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