Open or Closed Trailer?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Irwin97, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Irwin97

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    Howdy everyone,

    I have a question which I know might be really one of COMMON question here on this site but want feedbacks!

    I run a open trailer 6x12 right now and since I'm upgrading my whole business ... which one is better?

    - 7x14 Enclosed Trailer
    - 7x16 Enclosed Trailer
    - 7x14 Open Trailer
    - 7x16 Open Trailer

    I'm getting (2) two either 52' or 60' Deck Zero Turn Mower + few attachments ie: blower, trimmer, edge and etc. So which one will FIT me better.

    Money IS NOT object for me - what is will be what is worth in long run, storage, easy to pull or back up etc.

    Thanks in advance for your feedbacks!!!

  2. Greenery

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    16' or bigger for an enclosed. If storage is an issue than the enclosed would obviously be better. An open trailer is obviously much more economical if you dont need to store your equipment in or on it. Open is going to be far lighter and easier to tow manuvering is also going to be slightly easier.
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  3. Landscraper1

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    For a cutting crew, I prefer the open trailer. Easier to take equipment out and in. I do have one enclosed trailer for my pruning crew. Mostly because all of their equipment are small handhelds so, everything is hanging on the walls. Safe and dry. Some landscapers will stick with the enclosed, if they have no garage to back into.
    For size, always go bigger. If 16ft is as long as you can go, then that's fine. Personally I go 20ft long.:)
  4. JShe8918

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    8.5x20 enclosed Is great all around! That is going to be my next trailer. I have owned a 7x16 and a 7x20 and neither were wide enough. The 8.5 should be the perfect fit and 20 foot long is a little on the long side but you would rather have something a little to big as opposed to something being to small. Open trailers are good as long as you live in a place that you can trust people and also have a shop or garage to store your equipment in. Just my thoughts!
  5. KrayzKajun

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    i had a 6.5x14 enclosed and just upgraded to a 8.5x18 with vnose always go a lil bigger than wht u need!
  6. mcw615

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    I have a 7.5x18' open, would like to upgrade to enclosed for advertising so when your driving down the highway future prospects will be seeing your big logo going the other direction, the small logo on you truck cant be seen from far away. Get your name out there to where it is commonly recognized. I rent behind a warehouse and have 10x40' cargo containers to store equipment. But another reason I want to upgrade eventually is because the time it takes each day to load and unload. Figure amount of labor hours you spend in that when it could be just throw the locks on the doors, and lift the trailer off the hitch tongue so the suspension can release.
  7. mcw615

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  8. TimsLawnCareVA

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    Go with a 20' enclosed. I have a 20' and with 2 zero turns and all the other equipment it fills up really fast. With a 16' there is just no room with 2 mowers inside.
  9. Irwin97

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    Greenery, Landscraper1, JShe8919, KrazyKajun, and TimsLawnCareVA -

    Thanks for feedbacks you guys ... I'm going to go ahead and get either 8.5x18 or 8.5x20 - will shop for them tomorrow!

    mcw615 -

    Thanks and thanks for offering ... I'm going to eXmark equipments ... I had them for years and love them so will stick with them + got a dealership right here giving me good deal. Thanks tho!

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