open, single axle 6' x 10' Plans

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  1. does anyone know where I can find FREE plans for a build it yourself 6'x10' single axle traler? I would appreciate it.
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    Go to They have plans there, but seriously get some c channel steel some angle iron an axle and build the little, thing how hard can it be? Trailers are so easy to build man, especially that size.
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    Ive still got plans in the closet from about 4 years ago ordered from northerntool. Once you price the steel and all the little pieces required, it becomes more expensive than buying one.
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    man i looked forever and could not find any thing that is quote unquote (free).there is always a cost at the end .they always say (free) to hook you .buying them is cheaper than building ,but you can build it to suite you .be careful you can make mistakes ,get at least 10% of the weight on the tongue for proper handling .:usflag:

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    prob want the center of the axle at 4Ft from the rear of the platform and center-line 6 ' to the front of the platform ,about a 5 ' tongue .the shorter the trailer the quicker it jackknife's when you back up . :usflag:
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    Here a link to the free basic plans and instructions to build this 5x8 trailer:


    Just make it bigger and add an "A" frame tongue (this one is way overbuilt, especially for its size--L 3x2-3/16" siderails would be fine up to 14' long--go to a local dealer and measure the angle iron they make them out of):

    Plans link:

    Plans thumbnail:

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    A good trailer company will custom build for you and its actually not much more than doing it yourself.
  9. I was actually looking at those plans. they look nice. I want to build my own because I already have an axle. My brother also owns a metel shop and he gets metel cheep. I want to make somthing that is rather innexpensive right now and have the options of adding on to it later on. so basicly I want to make the bones, throw some plywood on it and some walls and call it good untill later down. I think I am going to get a plan from northern tools. Thanks for all your input.

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