Open trailer or enclosed?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Agape, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. clydebusa

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    I close and lock the doors when both men are in the back yard.
  2. lawnartists

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    We use both open and enclosed trailers. The both have pros and cons. Some of the ones that I've noticed:
    Carry Bulk Mulch and pallets
    Lighter and easier to maneuver

    Stuff Gets Wet / Open to the elements
    Have to strap everything down

    Great Billboard
    more private
    easier to carry leaves and debris (my opinion, for we use large tarps on the floor of the trailer and pull them then were ready to unload if we don't have the dump truck)
    Better for transporting plants
    leave trailer on job to work out of
    app twice the price
    bulky (gas mileage and can't see as much of your surroundings)

    For us, we try to use a combination of both types depending on what were doing. I started with a open trailer because of the price and then added the enclosed when I was ready for a second crew.
  3. PremierT&L

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    Thanks for your post. Yes I know i can get a 52 on my trailer, but I'm really wanting to go with a 60 ZTR. My garage has 2 single doors instead of 1 big door. Thanks again.
  4. olaf valle

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    If you have the cash and space go for an enclosed trailer. I have both I don't even use the open trailer, because I have a dump truck. Try buying a good use one. I can see the box truck will be great for guys that just mow grass, and don't bag. But I use my dump for almost everything grass clippings, ,mulch, top soil, tree trimming/cutting, scrap metal, snow plowing. So here is my answer, I think it all depends in your situation and where your business is now and where you want it to go.
  5. zo6

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    a box truck to go mow grass with, thats ridiculous, my enclosed trailer door weighs next to nothing, i would definately run more pickups with open or enclosed trailers before i bought that, what a hassle that thing would be, not to mention it looks like crap, but at the same time, you use what works for you, ill use what works for me...
  6. TNGrassCutter

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    I have a 1 car garage.
  7. lawnkingforever

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    If storage of your equipment is an issue or is becoming to costly, then an enclosed trailer is a good solution. Just speaking of my own situation, I do not think the costs associated with an enclosed trailer is worth it. I have plenty of storage space at my house. I live in a very safe area, but I feel more comfortable with my stuff inside my garage locked up, than to have an enclosed trailer sitting in my driveway. I use my truck for personal use at times, and don't like the the idea of a trailer full of equipment constantly parked, without my truck attached to it. My garage has no windows and a deadbolt lock on the man door, making it nearly impossible for a thief to get in. The two things that I do like about an enclosed is you eliminate loading and loading of equipment and the fact you could create sort of a workshop on wheels for fixes in the field.
  8. Agape

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    when I was looking for a house the most important thing was garage and I found an oversized 2 car gar (single door-2 car and an extra 8' off to the right) although I gotta clean it lol

    also not being on a main busy street (for pulling/ backing in and out of drive)
    they make industrial wheel chock/locks so I think i'd be safe in driveway, also I never have tools I need, so it would be nice to have a place to keep all kinds of tools.
    fuel is killing me though as I added up reciepts and have over $7K in fuel for my trucks this year.
  9. Agape

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    also, my body requires a MASSIVE kickstart of coffee, so having a place to poop would be rocking, as no matter what, my first need occurs as I'm pulling into my first account!:laugh:
  10. 1984buzzard

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    anyone use v-nose enclosed trailers?

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