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I have a 6' x 16' open trailer and i was thinking of putting 3/4" plywood 4 feet tall on the sides and then building some shelves under the gas can rack and then enclose this in and have access panels on the out side so i can store parts and extra supplies in there. then i can hang trimmers and all the tools of the trade on the inside of the trailer. also since i will be parking this in the back yard in the driveway,i can mount a roll out tarp so when it rains i can cover my equipment. as for the material it was all free so i wont be spending any money on that. any opinions and or pictures of anyone else with a set up similar would be great




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Rich-You have some good Ideas with your trailer. Some concerns might be: advantage to an opened trailer is the ease of access to equipment by building them that high you are losing the ability to grab your trimmer(ect.) and go
2.How would it look? Would it give you a clean proffesional image.
3.Not sure how it would hold up.
If you want an enclosed it might be a good idea to sell the opened trailer and buy an enclosed-Just my 2 cents-Harry

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