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    currently i own a 6x12 open trailer that has a dovetail. since the trailer is a dovetail, the gate was built shorter by the manufacturer. with the shorter gate, i have noticed that i have been having trouble loading and unloading my mowers because of how steep the short gate is. my plan is to weld up a new, longer gate during the winter when i am less busy. my ultimate question is: does anyone have a good gate design for dovetail trailers? i am looking for something relatively light in the 3' to 4' length range. my current gate is about 2.5' long. do you think 3' to 4' is too long for a dovetail trailer?
    feel free to post pics of your trailers if you can!!!!
    thank you in advance for your answers!!!!! :usflag::usflag::usflag:
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    before you go to the trouble try flipping the trailer hitch ball over so that it changes the angle that the gate is at when you load/unload...just a suggestion...
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    I have done that already! That was one of my first ideas LOL
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