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    As an alternative to getting an enclosed trailer for securtity, i'm thinking of getting a awning/tent cover. I park the trailer between my house and my neighbor's 6ft wood fence, so i'm thinking of connecting the to the house and anchoring the opposite so in the ground. Also buying more wood fence, connect it into the house so I can open the fence back the trailer under the tent/awning & behind the fence door. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    when I had an open trailer, i always backed up against this telephone pole in my yard and rarely unhooked it from my truck. every morning I was always relieved to see all the equipment in the trimmer rack and the lock still on the cage. Not that I live in a risky area, but someone sees a fully equipped lawn trailer and the thoughts start brewing.

    I got an enclosed trailer last year and sleep much better at night now.....

    still you hear plenty of stories of guys who got their equipment jacked, locked up or not.....

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    I dont want to take that risk of having your whole life stolen from you. Plus I would have to unhook my trailer because I only do this part time and need my truck to go to work. I would of felt more comfortable backing it inside a fence, because what they dont see they cant steal.
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    You have the right idea about what they don't see they won't know is there to steal! Out of sight may provide some protection but face it, if the thieves follow you home they know it is there for the attempt at taking. Just make it harder for them and they move on to easier pickings.

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    You are right AAELI, but even if they get inside the fence they will have to get past my Pitbull & Rottweiler. I am also thinking of ordering that driveway alert system for $100 & place it right in front of the gate opening.

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