Open trailers in the Landscape business?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Dec 13, 2007.

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    What do you guys have? use or own?

    I have an open 16' bed "utility" type trailer that has ramps for a car, but its heavy mesh metal that i can get pallets of material on pretty easy, trees but it has no sides so i really have to strap stuff down. Its a dual 5200lb axle trailer with proper equipped bias ply tires, made in 86, old but built tough.

    My other open trailer is the new 07 Quality steel 14' Dump trailer, 12k rating, dual 6k axles, weighs 3900lbs empty, will hold 10-11 cu yards of mulch easy with a little heaping.

    Im looking to get an 18' aluminum or steel landscape trailer, with mesh sides, no wood if possible, and replacement for my 16' open trailer. The trailer's brakes no longer work, will cost way too much to replace axles, brakes, wheels, tires so im looking at 20' open 12k rated car trailers all the way up to 5th wheel ~30ft gooseneck trailers.

    I know i wouldnt NEED one that large, but im considering because i could carry a tractor, trees or supplies like pallets of stone etc all on one trailer.

    I also race my street cars, and now that i have more than one, Traveling from NJ to race tracks in Ohio and such, would better warrant trailering BOTH cars behind me and not having to drive the truck pulling one and driving the other too.

    Theres trailers on ebay i see that are either dual 7k axles or triple 7k axles. depending on length. Heres what ive found, they seem priced very fair or even low.

    35' bumper pull triple 6k axles flat steel deck

    32' bumper pull car trailer, steel deck but not full, it has the space in the middle, not optimal for much besides cars and pallets maybe, anyone use one like this?

    38' gooseneck, 7k axles, LED lights, has wooden deck?, holds 2 cars or lots of equipment, Down2Earth company is somewhat local, this is in Philly which is close to most NJ areas. I like this one though :p

    20' bumperpull , dual 6k axles, Down2Earth local company, $2600 is cheapest of ones ive looked at, and has lots of features for its price. It obviously cant carry two cars though so it would be a work only trailer, again its wooden.
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    Take a look at big tex open trailers, I just looked at a 20ft and it looked really nice. They have a couple at hecht in toms river, the 10kgvw 20 ft with ramp gate was around $3k if I remember right. If your truck is registered commercial and the trailer is over 10k some states require a cdl. Also if you cross into another state your going to need a dot number on any commerical truck, DOT can make your life hell if they want especially bad if your 200 miles from home.
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    What do you need a DOT number for? So if i take my car from NJ to Ohio through pa, they can pull me over for what? not having a visual DOT number? The truck and trailer would be registered commercial in NJ and have commercial insurance. I mean heck, i go into PA and its only 20 minutes away :p Let me know on this one:confused:
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    If it's a truck thats registered commerical you have to have dot numbers if you cross state lines, it's a federal law. It sounds stupid because your pulling your race car not mowers but if a dot cop is in a bad mood he can make your life hell for not having a dot number. Do you have 3 triangles, road flares, med card and fire extinguisher in the truck, if not they will ticket you for that and anything else he finds. I think it's stupid because someone can have a bigger truck and trailer and not have commerical plates and they could careless about dot. All the info is at, if it's a commerical truck crossing state lines it will depend on who the officer is but I wouldn't want to gamble on that when your 200-300 miles from home.

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