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    Hey any of you Michigan guys know if that dealership in Utica (and a few other areas) has had their openhouse yet. I heard that last year it was at the Silverdome. I haven't bought any big items from them recently, so the last couple of years I haven't gotten any info on the openhouse. You know the one I mean, the one that gives out free steak dinners. I know it's probably past but what about any of the other openhouses or shows in the area.
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    The commercial open houses in MI are over....

    where have you been??

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    Leisure, I kinda figured they were over but I thought I would ask. Between my winter job, working out, and getting my eyeballs redone I haven't done much reading or internet surfing. I don't stay in touch with too many fellow lawn guys in my area. Most either want to know how much I charge or they want to brag about what they make, so I ignore most of them. By doing so I get along with all the little jibber-jabber when I do run into someone I know.
    Thanks for the info and try not to blow away in the wind if you go out today,

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