Opening a new branch in ft. Meyers, florida

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by lawntechniques09, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. lawntechniques09

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    from ona, wv
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    I am opening a new branch of my company in ft. Meyers fl. I need to find some one to please talk with me about southern fl. Im based out
    of west virginia...big difference in geographic i could use some pointers..please
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    The first thing you should do, is learn how to spell Fort Myers. Other than that, fire away with your questions.
  3. lawntechniques09

    lawntechniques09 LawnSite Member
    from ona, wv
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    I have contacts, lawyers, real estate agents so ill be legal when i get there. I am gonna start small. Im bringing one 23 ft inclosed trailer, 1 johndeere 997 72 inch cut z, 2 john deere 7h19 54 inch walk behinds..3 stihl 130 and 3 bp600 back packs. Im gonna start with only mowing in mind to start, and grow as i learn the zone as for landscaping..if you can through me any thing about that area
  4. lawntechniques09

    lawntechniques09 LawnSite Member
    from ona, wv
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    Is it very hard to find help. Do you mow all winter? Is lawn maint usually once every seven days? I have heard pestacides is a must have this true and if so what is the legalities of it. The equipment i you think will be good for down there?
  5. grassman177

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    you seem very unprepared at best to try this, just saying.
  6. tmetz

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    I do just lawn service, no pesticides no larger than 15' tree trimmin no planting. Licensed & insured is a must there running wild down here giving out citations for every little thing.
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  7. LKCLawnService

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    Most companies that I know charge by the month. Regular weekly mowing in the summer months and if the grass(well the patch of weeds that actually grow down there) doesnt need to be cut they just drive on by and do not cut. Pricing out of the Tampa area for a normal .2 acre would be about 65 a month. So in the winter months is when you make up some of the money. Hope this helps
  8. Richard Martin

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    Lawn servicing in the Ft. Myers/Cape Coral/Pt. Charles area is significantly different from WV. The grass is different, the payscale is different, the frequency of landscape maintenance is different and the people are different.

    You may find that your mowers are way too large for a whole lot of the properties there, especially in a lot of the newer subdivisions where there isn't even 6 feet in between the houses.

    A lot of guys down there have to trim the shrubs and landscaping plants on a monthly (if not more often) basis. The plants are significantly different. There's also palm tree trimming. And watch out for the fire ants. They are everywhere and they are mean.

    There are upscale neighborhoods there that you could use your large mowers in and the pay is decent. There is also a whole lot of competition for those prime properties.

    The level of knowledge, talent and attention to detail for those types of properties is well beyond the average lawn guy though. Those people have a ton of money and they expect the best. One slip up and you're looking for a new job because they will fire you in a heartbeat.
  9. PROCUT1

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    I spent some time in Florida looking to do the same thing. It sounded like a great idea when I was freezing my nads off in NY.

    Until I went down there and did some research and came to the conclusion that If I moved to FL......

    I would be working twice as hard, in 100 degrees, for half the price, with triple the competition.

    I have a friend that has a lawn business down there for 20 years. We went out to some of his lawns and he would pick one, tell me what his company does there and then tell me to price it. After I did that, he would show me the route sheet as to what the price was.

    Well. I priced it according to New York Pricing. And almost every single one of them, the price I quoted per WEEK is what they charge per MONTH.

    I said...No thank you pal.
  10. tmetz

    tmetz LawnSite Member
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    Someone can always do it cheaper down here. On craigslist I always see a guy offering 12$ lawn service to standard city lots. He's probably not licensed / insured and also who knows the kind of work he's going to do. I guess the only thing I can do is say, " I fix 12$ lawns."

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