opening and closing trailer door(enclosed trailer)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by williams lcm, Feb 19, 2013.

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    That would be my policy as well - Cost to close door =$0. I know it does not guarantee a theft, but the only time I want to spend $500 on a blower is when the one it replaces is not worth repairing...
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    I probably agree with you on the first three, not sure if it was the neighbors.
    What if they weren't stealing?? How could you be 100% sure? Bad times to go to prison for that...
    On top of that, just heard about a homeowner shot a bad guy in his house, month later bad guys "home boys" come back and shot him - DEAD. And they are walking around free...So if you going shoot somebody, keep in mind their friends or family may be showing up 'round your crib in the future....
    Just sayin'....(See Hatfield's vs. McCoy's)

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    Out of sight out of mind - most thefts are crimes of oppritunity , most robberies are planned , you have a much higher chance of having something stolen than you do of having some one rob you. In my opinion its two different things , and thieves of opritunity driving down the road see a box trailer not 50,000 worth equip , that box trailer could have anything in it there is no way to plan this event this is why box trailers deter theft over open trailers , a open trailer a thief can see exactly what you have , how you have it secured etc. They spot you , follow you home so they can see where you live etc, displaying your equip like this draws attention, simply raising the ramp will deter most thefts and if someone wants it bad enough they will put a gun to your head and ask for your truck keys. If the thief is driving down the road and see's a br600 blower hanging on a hook in a trailer they see $300 pawn shop easy money , make a second trip around block spot owner , get the right angle , jump out and 10 seconds later gone , you never know what hit you. I raise my door if i cannot see my trailer , the door is light no big deal.
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    On yardguy28 comments,

    I agree on 1st two. 2nd two are against the law in Oklahoma. To shoot only when life threatening. Too many unknowns on 2nd 2, what if neighbor tells father in law to go get the TV and bring it to him. The list goes on and on, but would make a good twilight movie.
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    That is the best movie I've ever watched. It's on the top of the podium on my list.
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    Come down south and try coming into someones house. Ill shoot you dead in a heart beat and the cops will pat me on the back.
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  8. yardguy28

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    thanks for that bit of reading material.

    proves my point perfectly about when you can shoot a criminal in some states. I would have done the same thing.
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    I was going to post the Joe Horn thing. Exactly what I thought of when mentioned shooting a theif in a neighbors house. I believe Joe did go all Rambo on them guys. He wasnt personally threatened. he called cops, they told him to stay in the house if you listen to the recording. they were in unmarked cars outside and saw Joe gun those guys down. He also later claimed his neighbor asked him to watch their house. Which I think protected Joe in the state of TX. In NY, my ass would probably be in jail for double homocide if I did what he did. But I'm not hating on what took place at Joe Horns. But I do think it could have been avoided, and those guys would have been caught and arrested had he not killed them. Shouldnt be robbing homes, and those guys paid the ultimate price for doing so. Last year or maybe 2 years ago a drunk guy broke into a house thinking it was his, not sure how that story came about but he was unarmed and shot dead in the home. Homeowner felt bad but said he did not leave when told and approached him when in the home. This was in the middle of the night. Homeowner served no time for the killing. So who knows. I would kill someone in my home if they threatened my life during a break in and worry about the consequences later. Id also just hold them at gunpoint if they **** their pants and laid on the floor when they are looking down the barrel of my mossberg and lets the cops haul their ass away if there was no threat to me once i confronted them. My woman would want to move immediately if i splatted some guys brains in my kitchen and im sure the resale of my home would take a hit as well. So id only kill if i needed to.
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    well I wouldn't have called the cops first. I'd've shot them first then called police.

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