opening and closing trailer door(enclosed trailer)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by williams lcm, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Im all for protecting my own, but you aint gonna do much good protectin your Wife and kids behind bars... make sure you are in the right.... just sayin.

    Back to the topic, I close my trailer when not entering/exiting, have large dogs and lock my doors at home at all times, and have many boomsticks accessible at all times.

    You may ask what I am worried about? I will tell you, not a damn thing :D
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    it also depends on where you live and what kind of neighborhoods you work in.

    I don't worry or bother with closing my trailer up while working unless I'm in one of those "bad" neighborhoods where people are prone to getting things stolen.

    the rear ramp door goes down as soon as I start trimming and doesn't go back up until I'm finished mowing (I trim first then mow). when multiple mowers are used like if I use my 52" and 36" the 52" is sitting on the street behind the trailer while I'm using the 36" cause of the way I load my trailer.

    after trimming, edging and mowing the ramp door does get closed and the side open while blowing things off. then I'm done and on my way.

    I never leave keys in the mowers though. not even when on the trailer. but thieves are gonna go for smaller stuff in the first place. like trimmers, blowers, gas.
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    I hate to admit it but I follow the same routine.

    As for the mower keys, anyone can have a mower key or a screw driver for that matter to start the mower. For me, I leave them in it and keep a hand full of spares since they're all the same.
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    i guess the mower key thing is more of a habit for me than anything. i'm just use to removing keys when i shut something off or lock something up. i just think its silly sometimes because i even remove them when i get them back on the trailer and head to the next job. like someone is going to steal a mower while i'm actually driving down the road.

    yeah it's funny i think how they are all the same. i run toros and exmark and while toro owns exmark now, they didn't before. i always used my toro keys on the exmarks and my exmark keys on the toros.
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    I've but momentary switches between the starter hot wire and start wire on my walk behind and hustler z. So when I do leave one parked behind the trailer with key in ,it will not start useless you find and push the momentary switch and turn the key at the same time. It requires two hands to start. I've had them on so long that it has become routine to use two hands. I would suggest Xtreme locking racks for small equipment .. I just purchased the trimmer rack and two blower racks for my enclosed. Things are amazing. I think they will give me a little more since of security while the door is up and I'm in the back yard. I've also wired an car alarm on my trailer as well. Pics of racks
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    note to self, momentary switches on davids mowers next time I see them parked behind the

    I'm really not too worried about stuff being stolen. sure it's a headache but I have insurance that covers theft when at home and when on the job. so I'd get the stuff replaced and only have to shell out my $500 deductible. $500 for a brand new 52" toro grandstand is pretty good I'd say.
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    Depends on where we are. Some places we leave it open, some we close it and others we close and lock it.
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    Another good reason for putting your gate up is to keep people from running over it. Crazier things happen, especially at commercial lots, older folks are dangerous too!

    I once watched an old man back into my truck while I was up on a 30' food ladder. Then his son-in-law came out and started screaming at ME telling me it was my fault for being parked there. So...the cop I called didn't agree with him. And then he called the cops again...and the same cops showed up...and told him the same thing.

    I have an open trailer, I leave the gate down and put orange cones a few feet out from it ALWAYS. As for thieves, it might make my day a little more exciting to chase someone down on my ZTR, or whip someone with a string trimmer, or startle them with a backpack blower for just long enough to kick them in the f***ing teeth. People should know better than to f*** with landscapers though. I know I don't wanna mess with anyone who exercises all day for a living...
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    NREDO, you must be south of Texas....Better be careful who you shoot -
    This quote is from the link in CYLDEBUSA's post - A Houston man shot two guys at a neighbors property and was arrested and then targeted for revenge...

    A death threat was made anonymously to the district attorney in which the following was said: "Don't worry about my name. But what you better do, you better indict Joe Horn, and you better find him guilty. Because if you don't, somebody is gonna kill him on the outside, and if he goes to prison he's gonna get killed on the inside. It's as simple as that. They waiting on him in prison, and we're waiting on him on the outside. We gonna kill that mother fvcker. Bye."

    Bad guys are bad guys and they know bad guys, and they really like fvcking with people.....
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