opening and closing trailer door(enclosed trailer)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by williams lcm, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Tsklandscaping

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    The whole idea of a enclosed trailer is so you dont have to lock the things in side it. It might seems like a back killer but i would rather be sore then have to go spend 500 dollars!!
  2. yardguy28

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    umm there are MANY ideas behind enclosed trailers.

    personally when actually working I use my enclosed trailer as I would an open trailer. ramp door hits the pavement as soon as I arrive and doesn't go up until I'm finished using whatever equipment I take out the rear ramp. which happens to be my trimmers, edgers and mowers. then the side door opens and stays open until I'm finished using whatever equipment I take out the side door. which happens to be my blower.

    my reason for using an enclosed trailer is primarily to keep my equipment from the elements. secondly I can lock things up overnight by just locking the ramp door and side door. and thirdly when working in the field it takes a closer look to see what I actually have in there rather than observing an open trailer from a distance or driving by. you can't see inside an enclosed trailer as well or quickly as you can see what's on an open trailer when driving by or taking a quick look from across the street while walking.
  3. Tsklandscaping

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    Good points and if some one going into my trailer with out asking me first is a big no no and that will get my attention very very fast and i wont be to happy. hasn't happen yet and i don't plan on it happening any time soon haha!
  4. Nredo

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    A little different .. Joe went next door and shot them .. I said "come in MY house"
  5. khutch

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    I hear ya Nredo - Homeowners have more rights w/the law than if you are on someone else property.

    My post was about the bad guys and their crew coming back for revenge.
    And I hear that happens way more than we think. Look, they mess if w/people for no good reason, they darn tootin' going to come back for you for messin' with one of them.
  6. KnK

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    Used to do 60 accounts in south Florida in the early 90's and yes I would close the tralier just as described , otherwise you might come back to find someone living in it :laugh:

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