Operating a ZTR


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Best thing you can do is volunteer to mow a vacant lot(clean of course) and go to it. If you have access to some land that you could experiment on then hit it. Time in the seat is the only way to learn, just like anything else. When you attempt to make a zero turn make sure you get one wheel rolling backwards and then the opposite rolling forward so you don't mess the grass up. It is very important to always keep both wheel rolling. I have had so many people get on mine and lock up one wheel and turn with the other. Divit city when you do that! Practice, practice, practice. Learn now while the season is still a month or so away. <p>Learn how to approach terraces and dips. If the back wheel falls off in a hole you might scalp the grass. The frames on these things don't flex. <p>You will have to put the machine in every yard you have because they are all different. Once you make the cycle you will remember the dips and holes and terraces.<p>Homer<p>Homer

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The best thing to do is be CAREFUL!My walker dealer once lent out a walker for a demo and the guy thrashed it!The back end looked as bad or worse as some 10 year old machines(the back end on it was bent up bad!)On machines like the walker you can really hit stuff HARD!Even ZTR's that dont have a back end like a walker could do some damage.Best thing to do is take it easy for the first while.<p>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care