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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by oldturf, Jan 30, 2007.

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    I would appreciate anyone with experience on the per hr. operating cost for the Toro 580D. I have just purchased my first new one and I am wondering how close my predicted cost come to reality. I am estimating the hourly cost at $70.00 for the machine and $25.00 for the operator. This is intended to cover all associated cost with owning, operating, insuring, maintaining, and replacement cost. Is this close to what some of you are experiencing in the real world. I hope that the cost is not more. Thanks for any input.
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    Can't help you with costs.

    Though I ran one from time to time on a golf course when the first few machines came to market in the mid 90's. What a great machine, stood the grass, that had been matted down by cart traffic, up very nicely.

    Also a great machine for leaves in the fall. We ran the 580 backwards with the mulching kit on and the result was perhaps the best i have seen.
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    What kind of accounts are you mowing? I had intentions of getting to that stage of needing a machine like that-I'm envious. How much do they run for now? From what I hear, it depends on what your bidding on. If it's government work, most seem to be charging by the acre. I've heard of prices as low as $25-$30/acre. These prices are for a lot of acreage. Government projects are very competitive and the lowest bidder gets the job. I think it amounts to you having the machine for the job, which you do. It also amounts to you being able to do a large area in a lot less time than someone with less superior equip. The less time on a job, the more money you just made+the less laborers you have versus having three mowers and three amigos. If you do it in half the time, you just made twice the money and you move on to a new job and make more money. I'd charge by the job on most and do it quicker. Just my $.02 worth.
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    Bumping thread, I PMed Old Turf about this exact subject then found this thread. I came up with $65 an hour for a Toro 5910 with an additional $30 for labor and overhead.(this is 1/2008) I am wondering what anyone else's experience is with these WAM units? What are others getting for billing rates?
    I only really want the mower portion but share what your comfortable with. PM's welcome

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    I'd say you'd be pretty safe in the range of $60-$80hr for anything in the 11'-16' range if your buying new.

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