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    How far away do you operate from your base? I know some of us our in a pretty dense area or pretty rural as well. So if your in heavy traffic just list the amount of time. Im personally thinking about working as much as 45 minutes from the office as long as there is enough work to make a route.
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    We have found that if you travel past 30 miles/1 hr. from your "base camp", you will lose money exponentially... That is unless you have a monster account or the density of work to stay in that area all day. We travel to a city 50 miles away, but it is all high end work and we stay in town all day. Can make the pay for a weeks work here in one day there. It's all in planning a tight route and volume of work. Fuel, labor for riding in a truck to and fro, all has to be figured in price or you lose
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    Solo- I don't leave my county.
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    30 minutes in traffic is probably about as far as you should go. However...I sometimes went farther...not wise, but sometimes I used to say 10 minutes from the next nearest customer. I could apply aps to all the lawns on the west side on the first week of the month, and all the aps for customers on the east side on the second week of the month. Which works fine if you don't have to make a special trip for a weed redo. And if you have to make a measurement on the east side when you are working on the west side..costly in driving time. And likewise if you sell the account, you may have to drive out to house again for the first app.
    This means...get it right the first time...so you don't have to go back. And try to do the estimate when the customer is home so you can do a "Sell and Do". You can give the customer a one time $10 dollars off, if you can do the ap immediately and save the trip. You save--he saves.
    But its always better to have your customers clustered together. Concentrate your flyers and sales efforts within 15 minutes of your base.
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    We average 25 miles from base. However the right job can get us to go farther.

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    I think this is all very good advice.
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    I service two counties but thats just because of where my spaceship is located (no fuel long story).

    But I fall under the thirty minute rule I suppose. Nothing is further than that. Further than that becomes an issue especially for service calls or having to go to east Jesus for one job.

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