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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AK Lawn, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. AK Lawn

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    Where do you guys operate from? out of your homes? shops? any where else, iam currently relocating, away from home to a shop and was wondering what you think and what is the ideal size for this process, i have two crews, 2truck 2walk behind and 5 21 commercials and all the little stuff, i have a friend that is going to rent me a van 30x8 for aq shop and equip for very cheap, has elecricity and is secure from theft, good idea or bad any feed back will help thanks AK Lawn
  2. proscapeINC

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    Any time you organize something it's a good thing. As far as what size should your shop be?..............It's what best suits your needs as you grow. I went from a small shop about 200 sq ft to a 3,000 sq ft facility.
  3. stslawncare

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    right now i live at home and we have a detached garage thats about 8x20, it does have electricity but isnt hooked up, its padlocked and sits quite a ways back so should be pretty secure, however i do have to share with the fam (a little bit) and with my trailer, tractor, and materials in there its crowded, i am looking for a new shop.
  4. Commander

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    I just recently got a shop up and organized. Whatever you think will be your costs to set it up, add a few thousand $ on top of that and that's what it will cost you really. You will probably need a bigger compressor, a lot of new tools, racks for tools, if you can think it up you will probably wind up buying it. Also a good idea that I can't stress enough. BEFORE YOU START DOING ANY WORK ON EQUIPMENT GET ALL OF YOUR TOOLS ARANGED AND PUT AWAY SO YOU KNOW WHERE THEY ARE. Nothing worse than working on a piece of equipment and not knowing where your 5/8" socket is.
  5. Mykster

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    I run my business out of my home. Works well for me. My trailer and equipment sits nicely in my 3 car garage. If I need the whole garage I just back the car in the driveway and I have a nice little shop. Know of a few people (who aren't LCO's) who store and work on their equipment at local storage units. They said the prices were great. And if, they needed more room they could just take out the walls and double the space.
  6. beck

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    Righty now I am operating out of a storage facility. I park one truck and enclosed trailer there for $75/month, the other truck at the house. The miscellaneous equipment gets stored at the house, but I would prefer it all to be in one location. The 10X40 garages run $125/month and have no electricity, but I have the approval for using a generator.
  7. jaybird24

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    My shop is 30x35 and it works real well. I have 61 tt, 52 ss ,36 wb, Honda foreman 4 wheeler, 3 trimmer , billy goat blwer, 4 snowblower, ATV 17 cu/ft cart and a boatload of tools in there. I'll tell you what- when it's organized it's perfect sized when it's not nothing would feel big enough. I don't know if your dealers display stuff on those walls w/ 2-3" slats and use those peg board hangers or not but if they do ask who makes them for them. Around here a company in town does so I called them- they had a ton of stuff that was measured wrong and the guy hated to throw it out but had no use for it. I mowed his lawn twice ($40 job ) and he set me up real good. If you dont ask..... What I'm trying to say is just make sure your organized.
  8. AGG Lawn Maintenance

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    Do you have a trailer/what size? If so you might want two garages side by side open in the middle(no wall) You can put the trailer in one with the mowers and stuff loaded and ready to go. And use the 2nd one to work on stuff. If you have parking outside the shop you can put the trailer outside and keep all the space for equiptment. I used to have a shop but I just moved to a bigger house with a garage. I plan to get a shop once I get settled in because my equiptment is just about busting out the garages. I keep my trailers in the driveway and some of my trucks on the road. My wife wants me to find a shop fast!!!!! I almost wish I had about 7 arces so I could build a shop in my back yard and have tons and tons of space for my trucks etc.

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