Operation Orange Crush?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by BrandonV, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. BrandonV

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    Hey guys I was talking to my local Kubota dealer (very nice people) and they were telling me a little about their current market problems with JD. Evidently JD has some ineciative here in NC with a large dealer out of D.C. buying up many of the smaller JD dealers and per my Kubota folks, are selling equipment at a VERY almost non-competative price to hopefully make it where the smaller kubota dealer can't operate. I don't know if this is 100% true, but having gone to college w/ many guys who work for JD now and the fact that John Deere landscapes is pretty much monpalizing the irrigation/sod market here in NC (Hunter-RainBird) I personally believe it. That and some golf supers have discused w/ me the outrageously good deal JD does on their "green fleet" lease program. Is this "orange crush" happening anywhere else? I love me some kubotas and honestly we've not bought any Deeres after they told us to demo one "in the parking lot." But I do own 8 AMT (predecessor to the gator) and 5 ag tractos they use at the nurery, but once I went orange I haven't looked back and my kubota dealer have been the best people to work with.
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    Not true. Mu John deere dealer sells both Kubota and Deere. Kubota is in the compact tractor market mostly. Deere sells mostly large Ag machines. utility tractors is gravy sales to deere
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    I actually travel up to Henderson for my Deere stuff because I don't like the Raleigh dealer at all. MANY LCO's don't like them either (very arrogant).

    That being said, I just recently found out the Henderson dealer is being bought out by this same Raleigh dealer.:dizzy:
  4. BrandonV

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    the jd dealer in asheboro and greensboro are both now James River equip... out of DC big time. I'm pissed at them now, because they "fixed" one of our ag tractors for about $3k and we brought it back, first day we were going to use it my mechanic noticed the 4x4 doesn't work so they said it'll be another $3k to fix that so I'll be ebaying that tractor soon and jd just got marked off my next tractor purchase demo list
  5. KTO Enterprises

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    What did they fix the first time? if they put a new clutch in it an now the 4x4 doesnt work its not their fault. That would be like going to a mechanic and saying you put a brakelight in my car and now my interior lights dont work, its your fault.
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    The local Deere dealers in my area have been good to talk to and I've gotten a good deal on what I've bought. They were recently bought up / merged and now they are all "Tri-Green" so we shall see if they change.

    The local JD "yellow paint" guy is TOP NOTCH!!!

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