operator presence switch on ztr


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Sometimes my engine shuts down, but when I bounce in the seat, it picks back up. Do I need to replace the seat switch or can it [seat or switch] be adjusted?


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Captken, how much weight have you lost ?? lol...lol...we see this from time to time on lighter operators.
You need to make sure your wires are connected to the switch.
If they are connected and there is not a wire problem somewhere else, the switch may be the culprit, although we do not hear of the switch failing often.
The switch is available.
But your machine is under warranty and a dealer should be taking care of this, as it is a safety issue.
I understand your dealer is going out of business and this causes yet another problem.
I am going to forward this to our rep and see how soon the new dealer is going to be set up.
In the mean time e-mail me @ hustlerturfequipment@msn.com and we will make sure this is taken care of.