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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bigdaddyspags, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. bigdaddyspags

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    I recently purchased a used Scag SWU48-17KA 17 hp Kawasaki Twin 48" Walkbehind. It is a belt drive version. My question is about the operator presence switch. Right now if i have the PTO on and let go of the handles the engine will shut off. When I don't have the PTO running , but it is in gear, and I let go of the handles it doesn't shut off. Is this switch supposed to kill the engine when i'm in a gear other than neutral?

  2. dishboy

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    I believe so but I don't like the idiot inspired things anyway.
  3. mowerconsultant

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    Yes, it should die if in gear and you let go of the OPC even if the pto is not on.
    Your unit has a peerless transmission, and most likely the switch is sticking or faulty.
    Look for the wires that attach to the top of your transmission, the connector should slide off and you can remove the switch and clean and lube it.

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    I know all the safety guys will get on this but, I take mine off. The Scag's are just to uncomfortable. They really mess with my hands.
  5. bigdaddyspags

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    I took it apart and lubed it, it was definately crusted solid. Is there supposed to be a ball bearing or spring that actually pushes the switch? When i took mine apart, there seemed as though something was missing. It looks like there is supposed to be a ball bearing or something that would push on the plunger to close the switch. When i push in the plunger on the switch with a screw driver, it works, and kills the engine, but it seems as though the switch won't actually reach any moving parts in the transmission housing.

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