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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dsaldivar, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. dsaldivar

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    Thanks Gravely for the encouragement and well wishes. Appreciate it.

    To GraZZ:
    Show some maturity and professionalism. Although I'm new to this business competition with guys like you will eventually do wonders for my business. I see in your profile your age is 27 and you indicate that you have been business for almost 20 years. Yeah, and my parents and neighbors allowed me to mow their lawns too for a $1.00. Maybe this gives me the same years of experience as you. I'll just say that when you first started you probably were one of those low-balling scrubs but now have forgotten all those lessons learned. But maybe at the age of 7 or 8 you had all the answers.

    Usually, I don't justify commenting on posts that are not enlightening or productive but couldn't resist with you leaving your level of maturity wide open and taking the first blow. I won't dignify any of your future comments because I'm to busy getting screwed. :D

    Hey. try some anger management classes or maybe read the
    "How To Get Some Class" for Dummies book.
  2. JimLewis

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    Ditto what GraZZmaZter said. You must be really desperate (among other things....:rolleyes: )
  3. jocko1104

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    Not trying to cut on you dude but I think that the other guy was right when you wentfrom $260.00 something to $35.00. That does seem like a large step.

    It reminds me of an old sitcom where the guy wont pay for the paint job but will pay by the hour as long as it doesnt exceed one hour! Whats the difference?

    You seem well spoken, I'm not sure why you would bend like that. If I missed soemthing please expain further, otherwise I think that it may be you who are missing it.
  4. Miller

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    I agree what Grazzmazter said too. Did you not read what everyone else told you on this thread? You want to know why Grazzmazter said you'd be stupid for taking this? Let me explain. First, you openly ask for people's opinions - saying "Give it to me!" Then, everyone gives you their opinion. And as I read back through this thread 95% of the people posting are telling you things like, "Walk away from this account. Leave quick!", "Your original estimate was great, don't budge." and "You did what?".

    And so what do you do? You ignore everyone's advice! In fact, not only do you ignore their advice to walk away, you do the opposite! Instead of walking away from what almost everyone agrees is a total loser of an account, you totally capitulate to this guy who is bending you over. And then you're insulted when someone says that is stupid?!?!?
  5. dsaldivar

    dsaldivar LawnSite Member
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    Jocko –

    Let me try to explain. If you understand anything about business ( not just this industry but in any industry) you’ll know that sometimes you need to give something away in hopes of getting a better return later. This is why businesses do promotionals. You know like giving a free mowing if an annual contract is signed or ½ price off Aeration for anyone signing up for an annual fertilization program. My decision to do the bushes for 35.00 may not be what I was after but it doesn’t mean in the overall contract I’m not going to make a profit. The overall profit margin may be less than what I was after but the future returns will be worth it. Remember I convinced the customer to a pre-emergent application in the bedding. Not only is the profit margin of this service and others high enough to cover the bush trimming work but the customer walks away feeling like I’m fair and reasonable. The return on this I anticipate will mean referrals from this customer. Now what kind of price can you put on that. Hope this is helpful.

    Please. Maybe you didn’t CAREFULLY read my original post. I asked for thoughts and comments. Don’t be mistaken, I appreciate people who constructively give their thoughts and comments. ( Maybe you missed those thank yous in my posts) I have used many of the suggestions from members on this site, not only my business operations but in my marketing efforts as well.

    Please don’t use this “If you don’t take my advice, I’m not going to play with you..” attitude :cry: . It is not professional or mature. In addition, Grazz personally attacked me. You end your response by:

    “And then you're insulted when someone says that is stupid?!?!?”

    Let’s look at Grazz’s actual post:
    “Ok now my opinion has changed.

    You would be the STUPIDEST person i know if you are even TRYING TO CONSIDER doing this job.

    Tell that guy to use some Vaseline next time he tries to stick it to someone. Sounds like you don't care what he uses though.”

    Now if you READ his post carefully - he is inferring that I personally was the stupid versus what you say he said and that is the action I was doing was stupid. Again, maybe you should CAREFULLY read the posts. Anyway, I’m tired of dealing with these messages so this is my last.
    My suggestions to some of you is that you relax, be mature and professional. It not only will help us all here in this forum but it will make dealing in the business world a lot easier.

    Get some thicker skin.

    Thanks to all of you again for your thoughts and comments.

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