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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bokm49, Jan 12, 2010.

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    I've been riding a Ferris 1500 44 for five years. It's been great but I lost the coil system last season. The repair was not too expensive but it was down for a week and I had to rent another Ferris for that time at 50.00 per day until mine was fixed. I decided that I wanted another mower for backup. I can buy a Snapper Pro 48inch for a great price and I can buy a 2009 Ferris 3100 with 46 hours for a really great price also. I'm concerned that I might be going too big with the 3100 61 inch plus I've heard negative talk on the cut. Also that it is really heavy and will tear up the turf on fast turns. I only have about 6 large properties at this time that would benefit from 61 inch time wise. The Snapper is about half the price of the 3100. It would crtainly serve as a backup but it would only be 4 inches wider. Any opinions, especially from you guys that are very familiar with the Snapper Pro and Ferris 3100. Would appreciate any input. Thanks. Keith MOW TIME Lawn Service

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