opinion on 8.5x11 green paper fliers with black writing for getting new clients

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Nolimit124, Jan 10, 2010.

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    I'm new to the industry, and I was looking for feedback on s full sheet of paper in bright green or yellow paper as fliers. i was just going to use black ink, and go door to door. I was going to have 20,000 printed and have people help me go door to door. I have a team of 9 people ready to go hand deliver them around town. What do you think of this idea know it will take alot of time, but I have a month to hand out that many fliers. Let me know what you guys feel about it. I was going to make the flier as simple as possible

    also any help with designs of fliers would be greatly appreciated.
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    Your team of labor is the big expense and headache. If you are going to the trouble of passing out 20,000 by hand--why pass out an inferior sales brochure? Its like buying a million dollar racehorse, and using an amatuer jockey. Better flyer means better response. Make sure it is the best it can be. You are competing with some smart, experienced, well-financed companies.
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    The color paper is just the tip of the iceberg with advertising...plenty of companies do well with simple black and white flyers. What I have found over the years in working both for myself and other companies, is most people who respond to 'cold' forms of advertising (flyers, telemarketing, door-to-door) were predisposed to buying the service, product, etc. in the first place. You can spend a lot of time doing demographic research, but also you can use some simple guidelines to improve your response rate.

    -Neighborhoods where most of the homes already have a lawn service are good...these folks are buying what you're selling. Guys sometimes think the opposite, that the place is 'locked up' and not worth advertising too. Conversely, neighborhoods with little or no lawns with a service are not 'gold mines waiting to be tapped into' These places don't have the right kind of homeowners for what you're selling. It's like you see threads with guys talking about overgrown lawns and mulch beds and they get all excited thinking this is someone who needs a service. Usually that's not the case. I once knew a homeless guy who always needed a bath, but you couldn't give him a bar of soap for free :laugh:

    -Flyers are not 'reading material'. Sure they have words on them, but you have all of 2 seconds to grab the homeowners attention...so you want to make sure it has some message that appeals to them. Resist the temptation to include and list the various 37 different services you provide, as nobody is going to hire you to do 37 different services. Early on...focus on mulch, cleanups, etc. When the grass is just starting to green up and grow, focus on mowing. Promoting what the potential customer is looking for will get you more business then just throwing everything out at them. Besides, you'll convert enough mowing customers into buying other services so no need to try to appeal to everyone.

    -People will hire you for various reasons, which you can appeal to in your flyer. Families with 2-4 kids are just pressed for time. DINK couples like to work hard and play hard on the weekend. The elderly just can't do it for themselves.

    -20,000 flyers done in 4 distributions to 5,000 homes in most cases is more effective than hitting 20,000 all at once.

    -The weather plays a big role in response rate (yes I have tracked this over several years) For instance, April 12 could be 80 degrees and sunny, while the 13th could be 50 and cloudy. You'll get a lot more calls on the 12th. If the weather even looks like it might rain, I don't even bother to pass flyers out anymore.

    Besides flyers, the little monthly HOA newsletters are pretty good for 'keeping a presence' and picking up a small but steady stream of business. Most of them are only $5-$20 a month for an ad. I find a lot of residents read them.
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    so your suggestions are not to use the simple fliers? I'm targeting a high income area where I live at so I have the advantage of being a local company. One problem I was told i would have is everyone in the town already for the most part has a lawn care company. However, what I noticed is there has been alot of new home buyers in the area so I feel like its possible. I was going to start advertising mid feb....
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    I too have read many items saying how to do flyers. Yellow paper with black lettering.
    Or the word FREE.....

    it's funny what works and when it works.
    I think if any of us coauld answer that question we would NOT be pushing a lawn mower for a living.

    Best of luck
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    You know what, I say give it a whirl.
    Do 5K at a time, like the poster said above, 4 waves.

    If the return on investment isn't worth it...then just don't do flyers again.
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    ok fair enough i'll give it a shot, and I'll let you guys know what happened! Funny thing is i'm a college graduate pushing a lawnmower around. I was thinking about going door to door in my town saying that i'm a graduate of the town highschool, and got a college degree. I decided to persue landscaping in order to pay off my student loans I feel like that might make the people more willing to give me their business. Not to mention people around here get $50-70 a cut i'm doing it for alot cheaper because I have little overhead. I have gotten my mowers for cheap, and I got a free trailer from my father. So I dont have any bills really so I am good to go. Any opinions on my sales pitch to the people about student loans?
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    I am by no means someone who has done great in this area. I am learning I am in my 3rd year of trying to build clients for lawn care. I came from commercial side of landscaping for builders and went my own way in a family business.
    What I have seen, if you are working with a budget like most are or just starting out you dont want to spend alot of money on one certain thing without seeing what works. You need to know what you can handle, what you equipment can handle. Unless you have deep pockets or someone to cosign for you. You start slow and grow as you gain clients. There is a point where you have to add equipment just to satisfy your clients. You dont want to give someone else work when you can do it but just dont have an edger or a pruner.
    I started out handing out flyers door to door to be personal, hopefully having a relationship with the person. ***Door to door takes to long*** Your legs get wore out. You can not cover enough ground to get the accounts needed just to survive.
    A family memeber trys to do lawn care and puts papers in the news paper box. He gained 45 clients when I got 20 when i spent more time and money.

    At the end of the day advertising is about numbers. The more people see it the better.
    Door to door I had a ratio of 1 client out of 100 handed out. You dont have a month to hand out I live in Indiana I have 2 weeks to get it out and gone while meeting with the ones who call me.

    I had worked with a mowing company on my spare time to learn before I went on my own. I could do 66 condos with my 60" exmark weed eat and blow in 8 hrs alone.
    Alone I could do 10-12 1/16 of an acre housing additions homes alone in a day. So this brings me to the point of which don't take more than you can handle.
    ***You will never get a customer back you did wrong so do what you can right***
    Next year grow and learn add help and expand what you can do. You must take care of equipment and dont buy crappy equipment. Spend the money for the best. Youll appreciate it....

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