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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RickR1818, Oct 18, 2007.

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    Heres the deal guys. I am putting in a bid on a 9 building 60 unit complex. There are over 2 acres of common area that need mowed including some areas that need a 21". They also want the beds to be maintained which occupy the front of each building and the office area. Their current company is horrible and they are looking for a new co for next year. I came up with an estimate of $485 per visit. I wanted to get some feedback to see if this sounds inline with what you guys think.
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    There is absolutely no way of telling. This is like asking a question of "A train leaves from Cleveland headed for Chicago. At the same time, another train leaves Chicago headed for Cleveland. Both trains travel an average of 60 mph. What time does each train arrive?
    The reason I say this, is that there is just NO way of saying. How much rimming? Layout of trimming..? Shrubs? Ornamentals? How much bed area? How clean do they want them? How does the grass grow? Hills? Ditches? There are alot of other factors involved, as well. Any reply that comes on as "you should charge this much" and "you should charge that much" is simply rhetorical babble
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    Babble, Babble... :)

    Ok, why not do a monthly instead of a per time??

    More stability, no hassles, just invoice monthly and even out your cash flow.

    We don't have "any" per time. Just not enough predictability in cash flow.

    :) Ps- $485 might be a tad low...babble(just joking here), try around $2,200/mth 4 times cut

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