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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Groundwork, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Groundwork

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    Just wondering what people think of this idea. I currently have a 20' landscape trailer and was thinking about selling it and getting a 16' dump trailer to use for clean-ups in the spring and fall, and use it for hauling my mowers in the summer. I was thinking about a 14' dump trailer but I really like having all the room on the 20' so I don't want to loose to much space. Does anyone else only use a dump trailer? I would love to just get a 16' enclosed and 10' dump, but I only have room for one trailer where I live so I would rather get the dump. Also wondering what I could possibly get for my 20', it's got the Jungle Jims Gear caddy on the front. Thanks for any input.
  2. FearThisDeere

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    I use my dump trailer mostly for just doing dump jobs, but sometimes I use it to haul my mowers around. It depends on what you get. The deck over type dumps are pretty high and you would need some god ramps to get equipment up there. Even the low prfile ones like mine are high. They are not landscaping trailers, that is why they make landscaping trailers. I would say that mine is around 2.5' off the ground. Loading and unloading mowers all day might get a little old. Also, it would be hard to come up with ways to mount tools on racks without being in the way. Another thing that you need to think about is how to secure the mowers. There are stake pockets on the sides of most trailer, so you can rig something up, but it could affect the dumping capibility of the trailer. It is a dump trailer first, so you want to make sure that you don't do anything to change that. Other than that, dump trailers are very versatile. I love my Cam and have not had one problem with it in over a year. Just make sure you beat the rust before it gets to the trailer. Just some thoughts.

  3. Groundwork

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    Yeah, I know that dump trailers are kind of high. I was looking the the cam superline 16' heavy duty low profile. One of the options you can get is 4" drop axles which I would get. I was also debating getting the landscape gate instead of the barn doors, but I can't interchange between the the two with out some outside modifications. My dealer called the manufacturer and I can get the landscape gate only with out any extra cost because they have to build the trailer to order. The only dilemma I have about the landscape gate is dumping brush. I'm not too concerned about mulch, dirt, and leaves, but I'm concerned that brush would get hung up on the gate. As for mounting tools I would get some racks and mount them to the truck. The trailer does come with some D-rings mounted on the floor, and I would possibly add some e-track to the sides. I also screwed up on what I had on my 20' trailer it's the Jungle Jims Trailer Mate Pro, not the Gear caddy of whatever I called it.
  4. elmo1537

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    here's the deal. a landscape trailer has specific duties and a dump trailer has specific duties. sure you can do anything that you want to but using a dump trailer for a landscape trailer is probably not one of the best ideas that i have heard of. you have to remember a dump trailer will need some clearance under the trailer to dump. yes you can order them to be lower but the lower you go the more of a chance that you can get the bottom of the trailer hung up on something. like mentioned before a dump is much higher than a landscape trailer. have you thought about maybe talking to a friend and asking if you could keep one of the two trailers at their house? just an idea. dont get me wrong i am not trying to beat up on you but i am not to sure you will be happy with you setup if you were to go only to a dump. I personally own a dump and a landscape trailer and they both have there place but neither one would make for a good all in one trailer.:usflag: :usflag:
  5. Groundwork

    Groundwork LawnSite Member
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    Actually I'm just looking for good advice before I do anything. It is just an idea I was thinking about and trying to consolidate two tasks into one trailer. I'm still thinking about possibly getting an enclosed 16' and if I did that I would get a 10' dump. Problem with that is the cost of two trailers which would in actuality probably wouldn't be that much more than a 16' dump.
  6. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Depending on what type you get......a 10 foot dump and a 16 foot enclosed will be about 4000.00 each if my memory serves me correct. I think you are going to need both.......I dont think you will be happy with just 1 trailer.....I just got a dump a month ago and love it allready, i'm using it for mulch installs and plan on converting it to a leaf trailer this fall.....No more adding plywood to my landscape trailer. Another thing to consider with 2 trailers, if its to wet to mow 1st thing in the morning I usually go and get aload of mulch and will start. When it dries off enough, I just unhook and leave the trailer and go and start mowing with the landscape trailer, I know its some extra driving at times.....but Im trying to use all the daylight I can

  7. muddstopper

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    Just a suggestion, and i dont even know if anybody builds such a unit, but what about a dump trailer similar to those that are made to fit in pickup truck beds and are made to lift to dumping range or continue moving backwards to set flat on the ground. I have only seen them on trucks but dont see why one couldnt be converted to a trailer, and you can load the equipment on them while resting on the ground and then load the bed back on the trailer.
  8. Mike33

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    Mine is low profile good for sitting blocks off but when you dump you have to keep on pulling up then your dump pile is real long. The bright side is it starts every time and ins. is cheap.
  9. buzzyng

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    I too am looking for a dump trailer and am curious on the prices I;ve received. 6x10 or 12' for 10k or 12k GVW are going for $6500-$10000 in my area (northwest). Is this a typical price or should I be negotiating them down more.

    appreciate the help

  10. FearThisDeere

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    My CAM 6x10 12k GVW above was brand new for $4589 or something like that out the door.

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