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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by j.p.landscaping, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. j.p.landscaping

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    Ok, call me old fashoned but I prefer good ol' belt drive walk-behinds over hydros or riders.
    Here's my question... I have used scag, lesco, exmark and ferris machines (all 48's) and I currently own a 48" scag. I'm in the market for a 36" belt drive new and my Scag dealer wants $2900.00 for one w/o a grass catcher. Now my Lesco dealer wants $2300.00 for theirs but I feel that Lesco equipment is made much cheaper that other machines. I know Scag makes some of the strongest machines out there but $600.00 is a big diffrence to someone like me and the 48" Lesco I used when I worked for another dirt jockey cut pretty damm good IMO.
    The one thing that I don't like about Lesco is the dealers in my area suck!!! They'll kiss your a** if your a big money customer but they treat the small guy's like myself like s***. Plus my Scag dealer treats me great and hooks me up when I need something or something breaks. With Lesco everything's $$$$$.

    Does anyone have any feedback on their Lesco machines???

  2. wriken

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    You said it yourself,
    the 48" Lesco I used when I worked for another dirt jockey cut pretty damm good IMO.
    There built as good as any other machine. but reading your post, I would have to chose by the dealer that would give you the support. I have 4 lesco/cub/mtd products, never really had to take them in to the shop for work, I maintain them strickly though.
  3. riches139

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    1995. for cub cadet 36" belt drive. Same machine as Lesco, different paint. Made on same assembly line.
  4. Jason Pallas

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    Buy the Scag - DONT BUY THE LESCO!!!! I've got a lot of experience here - we owned several Lesco machines and thankfully just sold the last one of the bunch - glad to be rid of them!!!! We sold them and replaced them with Exmarks.

    The Lesco machines are nothing but trouble - there's a number of reasons I can give you not to buy them - I speak from 25+ years in this biz - here's two of the biggest reasons

    1) there is next to no baffle system on the Lesco - grass and debris will blow up over the front of the machine and into your face - more importantly, this debris will cause the engine cooling fins to be clogged with debris and overheat/cook your engine. This alone is a good enough reason NOT to buy the Lesco.

    2) In a year and a half we broke the rear axle on the two newest machines we had from Lesco 5 times between them!!!!! Thankfully they were under warranty! HOWEVER - the axle is integrated (Welded) into the whole rear half of the machine. It can't simply be replaced for $50 and 4 bolts like most other manufacturers'. So - my experience is that these axles break a lot and when they do, it's a huge $$$$ repair - because you have to replace the whole rear half of the machine - dumb design.

    Do yourself a BIG favor - listen to me and buy the scag (or anything else). Good luck.
  5. southerngroundscare

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    I have been in the business for 18 years and have used TORO, Gravely, and Wright Stander mainly. My opinion is that all the machines are basically dependable you just have to match the machine for the type of work you are doing. Not all machines will do the same job and every machine has it's own problems. I would tend to pay the price for the machine that I know can be serviced when needed so it sounds like SCAG is the way to go and that is a very good mower. If you are in the business I would suggest you consider the Hydro. The hydro, if maintained should not give any problems for many years and will usually outlast the mower itself and is much more productive than the belt drive. 18 years and many hydros later I had to replace one hydro wheel motor once and that was a warranty item. Good luck.

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