Opinion on the back of my tee shirt design


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Vancouver, WA
Mow me over - I love it! That is a name people will remember and give them a little chuckle at the same time. I like the shirts lots.


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N.E. Ohio
Looks great! Are you planning on keeping it on red shirts? Stands out, that's for sure.



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Beaverton, OR
I think the name is okay. But a phone number on the back of your T-Shirts? What's the point? Do you really expect to have people trying to move their head back and forth the catch the rythm of your motions so they can read your phone number and give you a call?

If that's your big marketing strategy - to get lots of calls off of the back of your T-shirts - I am sorry but I have to say you should probably re-think your strategy. I doubt anyone would ever bother to take down a number from the back of some worker's T-shirt.

On trucks, yes. On Trailers, yes. On flyers, yes. Phone number everywhere. But on the back of T-shirts????

Your company name on the back of T-shirts makes sense. People see it. Helps them figure out who you and your workers are. Builds name recognition. But I just don't get the phone number thing.