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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by nautiq544, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. nautiq544

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    Please check out the truck listed above. I need a truck for my lawn company here in Orlando. I think I want an old Toyota dually. Was the dually a factory option, or is it something people did. What’s your opinion of the 22RE motor? I probably will weld a ramp on the back of the truck to drive my mowers up on.

    Any info on this kind of truck would be appreciated. I am not familiar with old Toyota Pickups. New to Toyota in general.
  2. BSDeality

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    I'm new to the Toyota fan-club, but I have a 94 Toyota with the 22RE. It runs great. If you think you can work this like a 1 ton ford/chevy/dodge you're fooling yourself, but it will work great as a "light" truck. I'm not sure if/how the dually's are setup differently. but when I have about 500-600lbs in the back of mine you definitely know the weight is back there. It's pretty gutless going up hill. It brakes well, but acceleration isn't a word known the Toyota when there is weight in it.

    Replacing the brake lines was a major PITA on mine, but this has the dump bed, so it would be easy to access the rear lines (where more of the problems happen). Replacing the parking brake isn't too bad, but its a dealer only part and runs about $70. That is the only truck I would consider loading WB's in and out of because of the low load height.
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    ok....this truck is a 1 ton truck my sub contractors(im a superintendent of commercial construction for my day job:dizzy: ) has one it is a 87 model in the us they did not come with beds so it was a cab and frame only here in the us. very good truck they hold a lot of weight in the bed they have 20r motors in them if you want a small truck to get mulch or to pull modest equipment then get it just remember it still is a 4 banger.......oh in third word countries they put diesel motors in them with turbos.....don't know why they did not put them in the us models
  4. nautiq544

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    Awesome. I didn't think about the fact that it would be a lot easier to access the brake line in the back b/c of the dump. Good point. Turbo diesel would have been amazing oh well. I wonder what this truck will go for? I'm high bidder at this point not sure how high I should go on this.
  5. rodzilla94

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    oh they are set up different in the rear ends than lets say like the same as the 1/2tons they are a true dually some say the will not hold up to the weight but the tundra and the t 100s has the SAME rear ends as the tacos just the tubes on the rear ends have been extended
  6. mike lane lawn care

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    the only thing is, as rodzilla94 said it's a 4 cylnder engine. most sedans now have more power than that. if you have any hills to climb you'd do better to get out and push. i love toyotas, they are great on gas and are bullet proof, but they fall short in heavy duty applications.
  7. nautiq544

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    Does anyone know of any pics of similar trucks with a ramp that would be good for loading WB's on.
  8. LindblomRJ

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    Hey mike

    Horsepower doesn't tell the whole story. Most passenger cars have more horse power than construction machinery. But you figure torque in the picture that tells the whole story when it comes to power of a motor.
  9. Lawn Masters

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    It looks pretty good to me. IF you want it to do light to moderate hauling, and run forever almost literally, this is THE truck to choose. if you want something that'll pull a brick house off the foundation going uphill, get a Cummins powered 1 ton.

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