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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jc1, May 2, 2007.

  1. jc1

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    I came across a guy selling a PG ultra. He bought it in 2003 and it only has 49 hours on it. He used it very little and it has sat for a few years. Is there anything in particular that I should know or look for with it? What would be a reasonable price for it? I have been considering a ride on and this happened to come up today. I am not familar with them at all other then reading on here. I dont want to buy something that I will regret because of problems that are obviouly not covered by any warranty. Any and all input is appreciated.
  2. lawnservice

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    a machine that is 3 years old and has 49 hours (thats aprox 2 weeks of full time use)....the reason it has been 'sitting' is because the machine sucks
  3. RigglePLC

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    They originally cost about $4400. My PG Ultra has about 700 hours. In daily use. $1000 would be a steal. be ready to offer up to 1500.

    Does it start? You will probably need to replace the battery. But the PG part costs about $65. Get a small motorcycle battery for $20 and figure out some kind of basket or bracket for it. Corroded wireing is a common problem. Be ready to check for bad wires and connections.
  4. LwnmwrMan22

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    I just sold my PG Ultra (2004) with 102 hours on it for $2500.

    I don't use it alot, but I also don't want to backpack my properties or push a spreader.

    I sold it only to get a Magnum, plus I ran the depreciation out, so it had no tax value anymore either.
  5. americanlawn

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    Hi jc1. Only 49 hours on it tells me 2 things: it should be in nice condition, and the owner didn't take advantage of its benefits.

    I would find out if everything works. Then offer $2000 cash. Then what about a carrying rack?? Pulling a trailer sucks.

    Keep in mind these units break down and need frequent washing to minimize corrosion.

    You should have average or better mechanical ability, plus know of a local repair shop in case the repair job is too complicated.

    Pulleys, belts, and other parts are often available locally. Other parts you will need to order from Perma Green.

    I have bitched (probably too much) about their breakdowns, but now we can't live without them. The operator should be smart, careful, and athletic. Not too tall or overweight. You will still have to spot spray the edges and sometimes use a blower to blow off excess granules. Also carry a push spreader for hard to reach areas.

    They are very fun to ride, but you really have to concentrate to avoid mistakes and provide even applications. Most of our customers thing they're cool. So do my 2 guys that operate them.

    The guys at the Perma Green Company are very good people - always willing to help. LESCO (I love them) can sometimes help you too.

    Finally, ask your competitors what they think.

    Long winded, but you asked, sorry. We use ours on 8000 to 30,000 square foot lawns. Anything smaller = push spreader + spray (spot or pull the hose out if weedy).

    Buy it & good luck.
  6. americanlawn

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    Oooops - jew him down on price. Ignore my previous $2000 offer. $2500 would certainly be worth it though. Sorry.
  7. jc1

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    I took a look at the machine today. He wants 2K for it. He bought it and used it only for granular apps. He never used it for spraying and doesnt even know how the spraying is operated etc. I ran it around his property it seems to operate smoothly. He used it little because the area he serviced most lawns are 5k or less. I think it was more of a toy. All the manuals are there. I may go run it around his place some more.
  8. indyturf

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    Sounds like a good deal! if your looking for a PG I would say go for it. read through the post on the Ultra and you will know what to watch for and some upgrade ideas.

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