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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by pokemon, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. pokemon

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    Please Help with Business Name & Slogan

    Hi guys / gals

    I would like to tap into your collective creative powers and come up with a name, theme , slogan or all three . The name of my company will be "Yard Werks". I did not misspelled werks thatÂ’s the way I wanted it. Something to stick in people's mind.

    My main focus right now is to develop the irrigation side of the business then add on later or not. We will eventually grow into a full service landscape company that specialized in Irrigation installs & repairs, Landscaping, Maintenance as in lawn care

    No slogan as yet. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.

    Let it flow!.
    I was also thinking of a construction theme like a yield or construction Signage that we all see from time to time on the roads. I am open to all suggestions so let it rip :D
  2. pokemon

    pokemon LawnSite Member
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    come on people do'nt be shy 23 views and no reply lets see if I can get it rolling.

    Name = "Yard Werks"

    Slogan= " We measure quality by the yard"
  3. WeatherMan

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  4. pokemon

    pokemon LawnSite Member
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    ok, any one else

  5. MikeK

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    Not Bad,

    I believe in one thing and doing it well.
    I would choose just one Business activity and just do that.
    From my expierence, people that do landscape and Irrigation usually are not too good at the Irrigation part.
    It's tough to be efficent and competitive at Irrigation and Pay for parts inventory as well as having all of the tools and equipment around when you only do 20 or 30 Installs a year
  6. pokemon

    pokemon LawnSite Member
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    Point well taken
  7. DanaMac

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    Yard Werks sounds fine. It doesn't jump out at me, but neither does my company name. I'm not a big fan of slogans. Especially when they are "cute" or humorous.

    I agree with specializing in one thing. Although it has kind of hurt me lately. All we do is irrigation repairs. That's all. No install, landscaping, plowing, mowing, etc. But with our economy down and water restrictions, it hurt me in 2002. 2003 was much better though.
  8. pokemon

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    I understand the point of specializing. However when you go to the local walmart you do not see only one product or brand selling on the shelves do you?

    I worked for a company that does Landscaping, Irrigation and now they are starting Lawn Maintenance and subing out the chemical applications jobs and they keep two crews of each the above mention task busy all year long.

    So I know it can be done and I am sure others on this forum are doing just that and more. It all depends on how big you want to grow or not.
  9. pokemon

    pokemon LawnSite Member
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    Hi DanaMac,

    What name would you suggest that would jump out at the potential customer ?

    I am open to suggestions :cool:
  10. earthtool

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    Pokemon, your enthusiasm is not with out reward. At first keep it simple,... look for marketing. The names or what ever are cute but service and integrity are paramount.
    My opinion is just that.....but you may be dangerous with the knowledge that you acquired at your last employer.
    The name is OK, now sit down and write a business plan, stick to it for two months rewrite it (as to fine tune it) and then reevaluate on a scheduled basis.
    Your CPA is also a great resource.
    Good Luck and keep on moving forward.

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