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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by chariot, May 23, 2002.

  1. chariot

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    I am wondering if these are good prices and which would be the best for the money. Local Exmark dealer has Lazer 60" 23 HP Kohler with new canister filter in stock, I can get for $7989 out the door. Prices on other units (all 60") are: 25HP Kohler $8399, 25HP Kawasaki $8599. The 25HP Kohler will have canister filter also. The 25HP prices are without tax. My main question is, would I regret not getting the 2 extra HP? Do you guys feel it is worth the near $1000 more when tax is added for the difference? Thanks
  2. C4chris70

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    I'm not sure about the 2hp differance on the lazer, but I have heard from a local dealer that guys are noticing a world of differance in power between the hustler z w/23hp and the super z w/25kaw. You may want the extra power with a 60 inch deck.
    Can you demo the unit and see if it has enough power to suit your needs?
  3. ScotLawn

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    chariot, my dealer has a lazer 60" with either 23 hp kohler or 25 for 6999 plus tax. exmark special pricing that he only has one left of. Olive branch Small engine. just south of memphis

  4. chariot

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    Chris, the only demo they have now is a 52". He didn't seem to interested in getting a 60" demo, possibly because I just started looking at them and I have not shopped with them before. I was just reading past post and I read that the 2002 was/is not available with the 23 Kohler, I was told this was a 2002 model by the dealer. Anyone know about that? Keep the suggestions coming.
  5. MOW ED

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    Go with the 26EFI. It is more expensive but really worth it. That engine is a runner. I have one on my Walker and would buy another in a second.

    Stay far away from the Kohler 25. There is a reason they are cheaper.

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