Opinions: Ferris is700 , Gravely Pro-turn 52, Bad Boy CZT Elite 54

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by treeguy27, Mar 20, 2013.

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    Retro I demoed the CZT Elite last month with the mulching kit and it cuts northern grasses better than my 2 exmarks. Very impressive and being Im looking for a lighter 60 inch mulching mower this will fit the bill perfect.
    I have 1 question have you tried the Field Trax Tires on it for more reverse traction? On hills it does great angle or up and down holds the hill no problem. But I lose time turning around if pointed downhill, that was my only complaint. I tested the Field Trax tires on the Outlaw and it will back up hills that my Outlaw won't even begin to. They were very easy on the turf too.
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    No i have used the chevron bar lug tires though... theu work well
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  3. MJB

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    So what happened did you demo any or buy any of the machines mentioned yet? Let us know your experience.

    Im about to pull the trigger on a CZT Elite, Kawi 726cc 60" mulching kit. Great cut, clean dark stripes with no roller. Now is the time of year when the grass along the edge in the tire rut lays over and is a pain to cut. But the czt is a well built lighter machine with a narrower 47" wheelbase so I can go around the edge with more deck sticking out cutting that rut without the tires running in the rut. Also it has about 6inches of deck sticking out beyond both rear tires so mulching I can go around the lawn in a different direction standing the grass up on the edge better.

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