OPINIONS NEEDED -- Dump Trailer ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by capecodlawn, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. capecodlawn

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    I have an opportunity to buy a new Cam superline, at dealer cost. It's a very good deal, but that's besides the point. I want to be sure it will fulfill all my needs.

    My main question: can I somehow attach a leaf vac to the dump trailer, ON EITHER THE TONGUE OR TAILGATE? naturally I would box it up.

    Here on the Cape, I do a tremendous amount of spring and summer clean up's, haul brush, debris and the occasional dump run for certain customers. I also foresee using it for mulch, stone and loam.

    Need some opinions on dump trailers in general, what are the pro's and con's?

    Thanks so much, I need to make a decision by tomorrow....I do not like to make quick decisions. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE -- CCL~
  2. troblandscape

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    opinion:GO FOR IT
  3. mosmgras

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    I built a box for my 6.5 x 14 dump. Sides on the trailer are 24". I built the box 36" tall for a total of about 16.5 cu.yd. capacity. The loader (billygoat 13hp) mounts to the tailgate which swings from the top to unload. I use a mesh tarp to cover.

    Last season was my first using this set-up. The loader could stand to be a little bigger, but, overall it works great. Easy on, easy off.

    As far as the trailer alone, it's a loadtrail goose neck 14k. I can haul around 5 tons legally. With a set of 24" side extensions I made, it'll haul 12 cu. yds of mulch under the tarp. Pros- tows great, hauls my tractor or bobcat. Cons- sometimes it's hard to get into narrow driveways or onto tight properties.

    WALKER LANDSCAPE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    We have a 6X10 Bri-Mar love it you can attatch a leaf vac to the front or back I have seen different ways. The trailers are great for clean ups mulching what ever. I think it would be a good investment for you.
  5. turbo5560

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    I have a conrail dump trailer, 7x14. I can fit at least 16 yards of mulch in it with no problem pulling. Because it's an electric pump it can only dump about 14 yards depending on how it's loaded. I love it! Much cheaper then spending money on a dump truck. Low maintence as well. Only downfall i see with mounting a vac to the back is if it has a swinging gate like mine, would you be able to swing the gate out and be able to dump without messing the gate up or without having to take the vac off every time?

    Make sure the trialer is more then what you need. I alway find away to max mine out in one way or another. It's worth the money to get the best one you can get now then regret it later.
  6. capecodlawn

    capecodlawn LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the replies, so very much appreciated! Could you tell me how you mount the leaf loader?
  7. capecodlawn

    capecodlawn LawnSite Member
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    bump this thread
  8. supercuts

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    im usually postive while responding to threads but dont you look at other LCO's while your out, and if so havent you ever seen a dump trailer with a vac on it????? all i want to say is open your eyes, im assuming someone up there has to have that setup. not that all have them here but certainly enough not to ask this question. although i dont like that setup each business is different with different needs.

    again, im not usually negative but give some thought to your question and ask it in a helpful manner. id be asking how do others mount them. now your into a hole new thread and now we need to know if you have a vac and what brand and type. i have a swingaway and took the swing off and it mounts just about anywhere but if you can cut or weld metal your in for a surprise
  9. Drew Gemma

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    Buy a good dmp trailer their are so many cheap brands out their! BUy something with the best axles you can and make sure it has serviceable fittings. The only draw back to dump trailer is being loaded down and trying to back up a hill or hitting something while loades you can damage an axel.
  10. capecodlawn

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    Negative? You are just a plain JERK. My eyes are wide open, I have never seen a dump trailer around here with a leaf loader. I called two local shops, they said no. So DAD, thanks for the lecture - :waving:

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